What is the Best Password Manager for my Network & Devices?

In order to answer the question ‘What is the Best Password Manager for my Network & Devices?’ our team of experts has dedicated more than 10 hours to comparing and contrasting the app compatibility offered by Bitwarden, Keeper, and LastPass.

All three are excellent password management options that feature strong security systems for individuals, families, and business users; however, even the strongest password security system in the world will be of little use if it cannot be easily used on your devices and networks. Before choosing a password management application, care must be taken to ensure compatibility.

Here we provide a comparison of the three solutions and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Our team has used an analytical approach to ascertain how these solutions work with multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Bitwarden Compatibility

Bitwarden offers a high level of compatibility thanks to command-line functionality. This means it can be used on a wide variety of operating systems. This is very important for those working in the IT and in the business sectors, although this level of functionality will not be necessary for most home users.

One surprising shortcoming of Bitwarden is the lack of compatibility with Internet Explorer. This might be an important consideration for IT managers, as there may still be a small number of devices using that browser. However, this browser now only serves a very small portion of the worldwide market (4%) compared to ten years ago when it was the most popular browser globally and it is now being phased out by Microsoft.

Keeper Compatibility

Keeper can be used on all of the main browsers, mobile and computer operating systems.

Via the KeeperFill browser extension, a user’s login information and other personal data such as financial information is entered into website automatically, so a user does not have to remember passwords. The app can be installed on Android mobile devices, Windows devices, Linux devices and Apple devices.

It is possible to sync user passwords and other data across all devices, regardless of the operating system.

LastPass Compatibility

LastPass can be used with all major web browsers, devices and operating systems and the apps can be downloaded via all of the relevant app stores. LastPass has made great efforts to ensure that the app can be used on any browser or device, regardless of how “obscure” you might think it might be. So there is practically no chance that this solution will not be compatible with your device.

There is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Sara, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge that will facilitate automatic form filling and the generation of secure passwords. LastPass users can obtain their passwords and other personal data regardless of what device or operating system they are using thanks to automatic syncing. Cross device and browser syncing is possible at all levels of subscription.


While there is little to choose from between all three product offerings, for enterprise users of password managers our research has found a clear leader in the field in Bitwarden thanks to the command line functionality.

Author: Maria Perez