RememBear versus LastPass

Our comparison of RememBear versus LastPass focuses on the options available to personal password manager users because a) there are a lot of dissatisfied personal LastPass users and b) RememBear lacks the capabilities to be used as a family or business password manager.

Most of our password manager reviews and comparisons focus on password managers with similar capabilities so that visitors can make informed decisions about which password manager may be best for their personal, family, or business use. However, the RememBear password manager only caters for individual users, so this comparison of RememBear versus LastPass is a little different.

Why Are LastPass Personal Users Dissatisfied?

In February 2021, LastPass made changes to its free plan so users could no longer synchronize data across all types of devices but had to choose between a computer and laptop plan or a mobile and tablet plan. LastPass also withdrew customer support from its free plan after giving existing users “assistance through the transition of selecting an active device type”.

This meant that LastPass customers who wanted to use the service across a PC and a mobile had to upgrade to a premium plan – but premium plan users are also dissatisfied with LastPass due to sudden price rises in 2017 (from $12 per year to $24 per year) and in 2019 (from $24 per year to $36 per year) without the promised “new features” that supposedly justified the price increases materializing.

There has also been a number of security issues associated with the LastPass password manager. A report in 2017 identified LastPass as having more security flaws than any other password manager, while – in 2021 – seven tracking cookies were found in LastPass´ Android app. As a result, many LastPass users are looking for alternative services to secure passwords and other online credentials.

Introduction to the RememBear Password Manager

If you are not familiar with the name RememBear, it is a vault-based password manager developed by the team behind TunnelBear VPN. RememBear was released in 2017 with the objective of encouraging the greater adoption of password managers via “a friendly, approachable design” and “a simple, fun user experience”. As far as the user experience is concerned, it achieves its objective.

However, TunnelBear VPN was acquired by McAfee in 2018; and, as McAfee had an existing password manager (“True Key”), the development of RememBear effectively came to a standstill. Consequently, RememBear is only available for personal users under a free or a premium plan; and although it continues to provide a fun individual user experience, there are no options for families or businesses.

With regards to security issues, there are no reports of security flaws or vulnerabilities in the RememBear password manager. However, there are issues about advertised discounts that do not exist when you visit the website and affiliate coupon codes that do not work. For this reason, we have used the pricing available at check out in the following RememBear versus LastPass comparison.

RememBear versus LastPass – Free and Premium Plans

When it comes to the free plans offered by RememBear and LastPass, LastPass has the advantage due to allowing customers to synchronize data across devices of one type whereas RememBear only allows users to save passwords and autofill login credentials from one device. LastPass also supports point in time vault backups under its free plan. Back up support for RememBear customers is only available through the premium plan.

LastPass also holds the upper hand in a RememBear versus LastPass comparison when it comes to premium plans. This because RememBear lacks features such as dark web scanning, secure sharing, and secure storage, and only supports a very basic method of two factor authentication. There is also a lot less help on the RememBear website to troubleshoot issues and only an online email service to contact customer support.

RememBear versus LastPass Comparison

There are Better Alternatives to LastPass than RememBear

Neither RememBear´s free plan nor its premium plan can compare with LastPass in terms of features or price (RememBear charges a monthly fee of $6.00 which equates to an annual fee of $72.00); and therefore the “winner” of our RememBear versus LastPass comparison is LastPass. However, there are much better alternatives that dissatisfied customers of LastPass should look at.

In terms of free password managers, Bitwarden is undoubtedly the market leader. The race to be the best provider of premium plans is a little closer, with Zoho Vault, Bitwarden, and RoboForm tightly matched. Readers considering a switch from LastPass – or indeed, RememBear – should take advantage of free trials wherever possible to see which alternative is best suited to their requirements.

Note: The features and prices in this comparison of RememBear versus LastPass are correct at the time of publication but are subject to change.

Author: Richard Anderson

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