Can Bitwarden be Hacked?

Bitwarden is a secure open-source password manager and a zero-knowledge solution, which means Bitwarden does not have access to the passwords in any user’s password vault and the source code of the solution is available for anyone to inspect. The security features of the password manager make it practically impossible to hack. 

Data are kept safe thanks to 256-bit AES encryption, a standard level of encryption which is deployed by most of the major financial institutions around the world. Additionally there is an option for storing your data on your local networks and servers, rather than with Bitwarden if that better suits your business needs. 

Some of the the main security features provided by Bitwarden include two-factor authentication (2FA), a secure password generator, password sharing, password auditing and breach monitoring. These are explained in more detail below:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – Once you activate 2FA for your account it will be necessary to supply an additional piece of information during the log in process to verify your identity. 2FA will stop anyone from accessing your accounts, even if they somehow get a hold of your master password. There is an even greater level of security available with Bitwarden Premium that includes scanning saved logins for 2FA compatibility and a TOTP (temporary one-time password) authenticator.
  • Password Sharing (Send): There is a straightforward Bitwarden feature called ‘Send’ that allows you to share files up to a limit of 100MB such as passwords, notes, or other sensitive data. This is accomplished by entering the text you want your recipient to see or attach the files you want them to have access to, along with a name for the Send. That text or attachment will then be hosted on Bitwarden’s secure servers at a uniquely generated web address, and anyone with the link can access the Send. This is simple to use, and the individuals you chose to have access to that information can access the Send (and nothing else) without having to create a Bitwarden account.
  • Password Sharing (Organization): You can also create an ‘Organization’ shared vault and invite someone else to join who will have access to all passwords you select, and will also have the ability to make changes to them. You can avail of one limited Organization where you may share unlimited items with only one other user. If you require more users than this, there is an upgrade option to the Families plan, which allows password sharing between as many as six users and you can create an unlimited number of Organizations and Collections.
  • Password Auditing and Breach Monitoring: There is a range of password auditing tools to keep your Bitwarden vault completely secure. Reports are produced to inform you of exposed passwords, re-used passwords, weak passwords, unsecured websites, inactive 2FA, and if your any logins or usernames have been leaked in a third-party data breach.
  • Password Generator: One sure fire way of protecting your accounts from hackers is to use a strong password generator. Bitwarden’s solution is easy to use and gives account holders the ability to create random strings of numbers, letters, and symbols, or a passphrase. Passwords that are generated can be from 5 to 128 characters long and it is possible to specify parameters for complexity.

These features give users reassurance that everything in their password vault will be safe and secure, and even in the unlikely event of a breach at Bitwarden, hackers would not be able to access the contents of users’ password vaults.

Author: Maria Perez