Wombat Anti-Phishing Solution

WombatThe Wombat anti-phishing solution is a software-as-a-service platform comprising security awareness training to improve understanding of the current cybersecurity threats, knowledge assessments to test threat awareness and phishing simulation exercises to reinforce education and provide practical experience of identifying phishing attacks.

Wombat’s approach incorporates a tried and tested cyclical training methodology that assesses understanding, educates employees on phishing threats, reinforces education and measures the effectiveness of the program. The continuous training program ensures security remains in the forefront of the mind; helping organizations develop a security culture and prepare employees for real phishing attacks.

While some anti-phishing solutions consist of standalone modules, the Wombat anti-phishing solution incorporates all elements in a single security education platform. From the single graphical user interface administrators can upload users, allocate training modules, conduct phishing simulation exercises and review results.

Wombat Anti-Phishing Solution: Key Features

The Wombat anti-phishing solution includes a range of training modules designed to improve understanding of phishing and social engineering attacks. Employees are taught security best practices related to mobile device security, compliance initiatives and data storage and handling. Healthcare and retail-specific training modules have been developed to provide additional training for these frequently attacked industry sectors.

Wombat Security Education Program

MarsJoke Ransomware DecryptorThe training program starts with an assessment to establish a baseline to measure current awareness of security threats, with Wombat’s CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments assessing understanding of specific cybersecurity topics.

Based on the assessments, employees can be set 10-15-minute interactive training modules on email security, anti-phishing, mobile device security and social engineering recognition. Each program has been designed to educate and change employee behavior to reduce risk. Administrators can schedule training sessions according to the level of importance of each topic.

A full suite of reports allows organizations to monitor which employees have completed training, view the results of phishing simulations, generate management reports and measure the effectiveness of the program.

Wombat Anti-phishing solution training programs have now been translated into 25 languages to meet the needs of multi-national organizations.

ThreatSim ® Phishing Simulations

ThreatSim ® phishing simulations help to reinforce training and provide practical experience of dealing with phishing and spear phishing attacks. The ThreatSim ® tool allows administrators to conduct mock phishing attacks using a variety of email templates designed to test susceptibility to phishing emails containing embedded links, requests for personal information, and malicious attachments (pdf, doc, docx, xlsx and html files). Administrators can include multiple phishing templates in each mock phishing campaign, with the potential to customize templates to tackle specific issues or train employees on current threats.

Wombat anti-phishing solution administrators can set intervention messages informing users who have fallen for a phish of their mistake and use the error as a ‘teaching moment’. The static or animated messages can provide practical advice to prevent future errors and include interactive challenges.

The Wombat anti-phishing solution includes automatic enrollment into further training programs for any individual who falls for a mock phishing email. This ensures the most susceptible individuals receive the training they need.

Phishing simulation exercises can be scheduled to reduce server load, with random message scheduling helping to preserve the integrity of phishing simulation data.

PhishAlarm ®

Ticno TrojanPhishing simulations are designed to prepare end users for real phishing attacks. When a real phishing email makes it past an organization’s defenses, it is important for the email to be flagged to security teams. To make this as easy as possible, the Wombat anti-phishing solution includes the PhishAlarm ® email client add-on. When a suspicious email is received, end users can report the message to security teams with a single click. The PhishAlarm Analyzer uses machine learning techniques to assess the email and rank it based on the potential threat, allowing security teams to prioritize their response.

Further Training Tools

SmishGuru ® is a simulated attack tool designed to test user awareness and susceptibility to SMS/text messaging phishing attempts. This tool is ideal for organizations that supply mobile devices to employees or operate a BYOD program.

USBGuru ® is an attack tool designed to test user awareness of USB attacks. Administrators can create executable files which can be loaded onto USB sticks. Those USB devices can be left at various locations within a facility. When the device is plugged in, the executable is launched and run an on the spot training program.

About Wombat Security Technologies

Pittsburgh, PA-based Wombat Security Technologies was formed in 2008 by faculty members from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. The founding members of the company led the largest national research project combatting phishing attacks. The research was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation and focused on improving anti-phishing defenses by concentrating on the human element.

The technologies developed for the research project have been further refined by Wombat Security Technologies and form the basis of its anti-phishing products, training modules and integrated knowledge assessments. Those products have been shown to be highly effective, allowing companies to reduce phishing susceptibility by up to 90%.

Wombat Security Technologies was ranked #144 in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 List of the fastest growing companies in North America in 2016. The Wombat anti-phishing solution was also included in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training. The Wombat Security Education Platform was selected as a finalist in the Professional Award category for exemplary professional leadership in cybersecurity at the recent SC Magazine Awards and received a 2017 ISPG Global Excellence Silver Award in the Security Training and Educational Program category.