Webinar: New DMARC and Sandboxing Features of SpamTitan Email Security Solution Explained

Cybercriminals are launching ever more sophisticated attacks on businesses, which require more powerful cybersecurity solutions to protect against attacks. One of the most common methods of attack is email and this is an area where security defenses often fall short.

Even with robust perimeter defenses, cybercriminals can gain access to business networks by targeting the weakest link: Employees. Phishing attacks are becoming more complex and the tactics now being used by cybercriminals are effective at fooling even security conscious employees.

Phishing attacks now commonly involve the impersonation of well-known brands and government agencies and many email security solutions fail to detect these emails as malicious.

To counter this threat, and ensure spoofed emails are identified as such, businesses can implement DMARC email authentication. DMARC determines whether emails have been sent from a legitimate sender authorized to use a particular domain.

The distribution of malware and ransomware via email is also common. While anti-virus solutions are effective at blocking known malware variants, new malware variants are now being released at record pace. Anti-virus software is not particularly effective at detecting these new threats as malicious.

Companies that have sandboxing capabilities have a safe environment where they can test emailed files to determine whether they perform any malicious or suspicious actions. By executing files in a sandbox, malicious actions can be identified safely without any threat of harm.

Both of these functions have now been incorporated into TitanHQ’s email security solution, SpamTitan. DMARC authentication is used to greatly improve the detection of email impersonation attacks and a new Bitdefender-powered sandbox feature has also been added.

Any suspicious email attachments are executed and analyzed in the sandbox to determine if they perform any malicious actions. The sandbox provides businesses with a safe environment to test suspicious files without risk.

To explain these two new features and the benefits to businesses, TitanHQ is running a webinar. During the webinar TitanHQ will explain the new features, their benefits, and how SpamTitan can be deployed to secure email networks and prevent costly cyberattacks.

If you are a current customer who would like further information on these new features or you are looking for a powerful new email security solution that can protect against malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks, phishing and spear phishing attacks, you can find out more about SpamTitan by signing up for the webinar.

Webinar Information:

Date:     Thursday, April 4, 2019

Time:    12pm, EST

The webinar will last 30 minutes, and advance registration is necessary.

You can sign up for the webinar here

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news