URL Filtering in the Cloud

One of the most straightforward ways of filtering URL is using a cloud based solution, allowing your organization to be fully prepared for whatever cybercriminals and hackers throw at your security measures as they try to infiltrate your databases.

This security measure will protect your from the following types of attacks:

  • Malware downloads
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Malicious viruses

The Advantages of Cloud URL Filtering

  • Ease of Installation: There are zero intialty costs or need to buy hardware. The absence of hardware also means there will be no drain on productivity of your IT team having to update individual computing devices.
  • Quick configuration: This is a very user-friendly option and allows the administrator to launch it quickly and make any changes required in a very short space of time.
  • Tiered levels of Access: The administrator can allocate access rights based on individual or groups needs and in line with the company’s code of conduct for Internet usage.
  • Use of Blacklists that are updated in real time: As soon as a URL is added to a global blacklist your Cloud URL filtering solution will be updated to prevent it from being visited by anyone in your organization unless you change access permissions.
  • Compatibility: This service can be used on absolutely any network
  • Scalability: The DNS server settings of your company will grow in line with your company growth
  • Productivity of staff increases: As staff will be spending less time deciphering emails to see if they are spam or not they will have more time to spend on more relevant work.
  • Staff are Protected: Inappropriate content will not stress any staff members as there will be no access to it.

No matter how much networks expand, or if multiple networks are added to the service, cloud URL filtering provides an Internet content filtering service with imperceptible latency. Users will never know their Internet access is being filtered until they try to visit an unsafe or inappropriate website.

Cloud URL Filtering Steps

This is a three-level process that employs three separate mechanisms to stop access to malicious web pages and allocate system managers control of website access. In addition to configuring the use of blacklists to stop access to inappropriate material managers can manually choose website categories that they would also like to prevent access to. This can be easily accomplished using the main management interface.

Managers can also use whitelisting to place websites that may have been previously deemed malicious to be accessed. They are just moved to the ‘always allow’ list and there will be no issue with viewing their content. This is important as certain departments may require access rights to websites like this.