Strongest Anti-Spam Services

Configuring an enterprise spam filter for your group will increase productivity wastage and improve security against hackers.

This is due to the fact that unsolicited emails are to blame for the vast majority of web-borne attacks and the resultant lost working time among staff members. One of the best ways of addressing this issue is by implementing an enterprise spam filter with the security features that can spot all strains of email spam. Sadly a lot of standard email solutions come with inadequate spam filters. If your group does not configure a spam filter that can properly handle the attacks that will target your group there is a high probability that your servers and databases will be hit by spoofing and phishing emails that are sent to your staff members´ mailboxes.

Internet security specialists have projected that email spam will continue to increase rapidly in the coming few years. Due to this, an enterprise spam filter with real-time spam and virus security is the best solution for blocking unsolicited and unsecure emails.

Multi-tiered enterprise spam filters employ security mechanisms that quarantine emails identified as spam or suspected to link to a website hosting malware. This is achieved by checking a real time directory for senders or IP addresses that previously were found to have been to blame for spam campaigns. Email body copy is also reviewed for malware by an anti-virus engine.

Anything is labelled as potentially malicious is sent to a quarantine folder and made known for directory inclusion. This will result in future attacks being noticed by the filter and sent to the spam folder. Here they can be reviewed so the user can ensure that they are not genuine.

In addition to this an enterprise level spam filter will review any outbound email from your mail server. This will make sure that your email hasn’t been hacked by cybercriminals who are attempting to target your contact list. If this were to happen then your group will have it’s IP addresses blacklisted, leading to many further communications issues for your group.

Enterprise Spam Email Financial Losses

A lot of research carried out in relation to the cost to spam email to businesses and companies. It has been revealed that the mean cost of a mitigation attempt in the aftermath of a successful phishing campaign was $1.8 million (per organization) due to these attacks.