SpamTitan Plus Has Better Coverage of Malicious URLs and Detects Them Faster Than Market Leading Solutions

A new anti-phishing product has been launched by TitanHQ which the company says provides far better coverage of malicious URLs than any of the current market-leading anti-phishing solutions, which means more malicious links are detected and those links are detected faster than other solutions.

TitanHQ had been getting feedback from its customer base of 12,000+ businesses and 3,000+ Managed Service Providers that phishing attacks are becoming much more advanced and dangerous, and that the threat actors running those campaigns are far more proficient at conducting their attacks.

“Phishing is the number one problem to solve in the email security community,” said TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh. “With that in mind, we allocated resources and investment to develop a solution with new, cutting-edge, robust, fast phishing threat intelligence driven by a team of security specialists. We’re very happy with the result – SpamTitan Plus.”

TitanHQ already offered popular anti-spam and anti-phishing products in the form of SpamTitan Gateway and SpamTitan Cloud. The latest product, SpamTitan Plus, provides more advanced protection. In addition to incorporating all of the detection mechanisms of the SpamTitan range, including dual antivirus protection and sandboxing, SpamTitan Plus significantly improves protection against malicious URLs.

URLs embedded in phishing emails direct recipients to websites hosting phishing kits that capture credentials or to sites hosting malicious content – files containing malicious scripts or malware. Those links may not be malicious at the time they are received by a spam filter and would therefore pass the multiple checks performed by those solutions, with the URLs being weaponized after delivery. Seemingly benign URLs are included in phishing emails that link to legitimate hosting services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to fool initial checks of the embedded URL. When the user lands on that legitimate site, they are then redirected to the malicious content. SpamTitan Plus provides protection against those attacks.

That protection comes from extensive threat intelligence obtained from massive clickstream traffic of 600+ million users and endpoints powered by several hundred billion local queries and 100 million cloud queries a day. The result is 10 million new, never-before-seen phishing and malicious URLs being fed into SpamTitan Plus each day. SpamTitan Plus has 100% coverage of all current market-leading anti-phishing feeds, which none of the current market leaders have.

Independent tests have shown the upgrades have led to a 1.5x increase in unique phishing ULR detection and a 1.6x increase in phishing detections over current market leaders. With SpamTitan Plus, it takes just 5 minutes from the initial detection of a new malicious phishing URL to protecting end users’ inboxes.

SpamTitan rewrites all URLs and checks them and follows all redirects and will either determine the URL is safe – which will see the emails delivered – or the URL is malicious. If malicious content is detected, the user will be directed to a block screen and advised of their options. SpamTitan Plus provides time-of-click protection against malicious URLs which means that if a URL is benign at the time of delivery, but is later weaponized, the threat will be detected and blocked.

TitanHQ also reports the upgrades in SpamTitan Plus have resulted in a very low false-positive rate – lower than current leading anti-phishing solutions – which means genuine emails will not be caught by the filters and will be delivered.


Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of