SecurityIQ Phishing Solution

The SecurityIQ phishing solution is a security awareness training program developed by the Infosec Institute that combines computer-based training with phishing simulations to improve resilience against phishing, spear phishing and social engineering attacks.

Organizations can no longer rely on technology to block all phishing attacks. While there are many excellent security products on the market, those solutions cannot prevent carefully crafted phishing emails from reaching end users’ inboxes. It is therefore important to ensure all company employees are trained how to recognize phishing emails and know the actions they should take when such an email is received.

The SecurityIQ phishing solution was developed to help organizations create a ‘human firewall’ that works in tandem with technological solutions to improve phishing defenses. While computer-based training exercises are provided, the Infosec Institute recommends also conducting regular phishing simulations. Jack Koziol, Founder and President of the Infosec Institute, says employee retention rates are almost doubled 12 months after phishing simulations are run.

Key Features of the SecurityIQ Phishing Solution

The SecurityIQ phishing solution concentrates on training and testing employees to improve security awareness. In contrast to many phishing solutions, there is no email add on to allow employees to report potential phishing attacks. Organizations will also need to sign up to a third-party intelligence service – such as those provided by an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) – if they require advanced warnings of phishing campaigns that are currently being conducted.

AwareEd Security Awareness Training

The AwareEd Security Awareness Training program consists of a series of training modules developed to raise awareness of the common attack methods used by cybercriminals. The phishing training modules include examples of phishing attacks that users are likely to experience in the real world.

The SecurityIQ phishing solution offers training modules in multiple languages – English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic – and organizations can mix and match the modules to suit their own needs and requirements. The training modules cover a wide range of topics including phishing, ransomware, social engineering, safe web browsing, password security, physical security, removable media, HIPAA, GDPR and PCI compliance and many more.

The interactive training modules require users to watch videos, but also take part in problem solving exercises that help improve knowledge retention. The SecurityIQ phishing solution includes customizable alerts to show administrators when end users have completed their training.

PhishSim Phishing Simulations

The PhishSim phishing simulator is a subscription-based platform that features an easy to use graphical user interface through which users can develop and schedule phishing simulations and view the results of campaigns. Administrators upload CSV files of users’ email addresses and assign them to learner groups which can be targeted with phishing emails. The SecurityIQ phishing platform includes several phishing templates that can be used as the basis for campaigns.

The SecurityIQ phishing solution includes a full reporting suite that allows administrators to see which individuals opened phishing emails, the employees who were successfully phished and the individuals who recognized the email as a phishing attack and took the appropriate action.

The simulation failures can then be used to direct future training efforts.

About the Infosec Institute

The Infosec institute was formed by a team of leading information security experts with the aim of developing a wide range of training resources for students. The company has now been providing IT training and certification programs for 17 years and now offers 99 training courses.

The company specializes in hands-on IT training and certification programs and runs regular security boot camps, with a 92% classroom pass rate and a 94.7% online pass rate – The highest in the industry.

Over the past 17 years, the Infosec Institute has trained more than 47,000 individuals and has won 28 industry awards, including being named a Top 20 Training Company in 2016 by

The company received a CompTIA Outstanding Partnership Award in 2016, was a Global Excellence in Security Training Finalist at the 2015 Security Products Awards, received a SC Magazine Best Professional Training Program AWARD IN 2014 and has previously received an Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Award and a SC Magazine Best Professional Training Program Award.