PhishLabs Phishing Protection

PhishLabsThe PhishLabs phishing protection solution has been developed to improve organization’s resilience against phishing attacks by protecting organizations from the exploitation of people. People are organizations’ biggest cybersecurity vulnerability and they are frequently tested.

Research conducted by PhishLabs indicates 91% of targeted cyberattacks on organizations involve spear phishing, 95% of espionage attacks have their roots in phishing attacks, while 80% of malware is installed via phishing emails. The success rate of phishing attacks was discovered to be 20% – One in every five phishing emails will be successful.

The PhishLabs phishing protection solution empowers employees to recognize phishing attacks and report them to their security teams. By training employees to recognize phishing attacks and fraud attempts, organizations can greatly reduce costs.

PhishLabs accompanies training with phishing and spear phishing simulations using real-world attack scenarios. With practice, employees become less susceptible to phishing attacks and are transformed from liabilities into important security assets.

PhishLabs gathers intelligence on current phishing trends and develops convincing phishing email campaigns to test employees. Organizations can select simulations to match the phishing attacks most likely to be experienced by their employees.

Organizations can use the PhishLabs phishing protection solution to identify the phishing lures that individuals and groups are most susceptible to, turning simulation failures into high-impact training opportunities.

The PhishLabs phishing protection platform conditions employees to be constantly on their guard for phishing attacks and teaches the skills that will enable them to correctly identify malicious emails such as spear phishing attacks and business email compromise scams. An email add-on is also offered to allow employees to report potential phishing emails to their security teams with a single click. Rapid reporting allows security teams to take decisive action to mitigate threats.

The PhishLabs phishing protection solution analyses millions of email phishing attacks each day. Threat information is studied by malware and threat analysts and translated into meaningful and actionable intelligence that is passed onto security teams in near real-time via automated feeds.

By using human analysis, PhishLabs is able to isolate and communicate threats that require an immediate response, eliminating false positives to ensure security teams concentrate their efforts on dealing with the most serious threats.

PhishLabs analysts also work 24/7 to mitigating external components of phishing attacks to disrupt threats, including blocking malicious sites and hyperlinks, taking down cybercriminals’ C2 servers and disrupting their attack tools. PhishLabs staff have a 100% success rate on taking down phishing sites, with a 5-hour or less median site shutdown time.

Key Features of the PhishLabs Phishing Protection Solution

PhishLabs provides a range of cyber defense solutions to help organizations detect and mitigate phishing and spear phishing threats. Those solutions concentrate on training employees to detect potential phishing attacks, providing actionable intelligence and preventing fraud.

Employee Defense Training

The T2 employee defense training program developed by PhishLabs can be used to train employees how to recognize phishing emails and social engineering scams. Training is reinforced with real-world phishing attacks conducted in a safe environment. Organizations can select from a wide range of phishing email examples, with any failure turned into a training opportunity. Companies are initially provided with a complimentary phishing susceptibility assessment which serves as a baseline against which the effectiveness of training can be measured.

T2 Analysis and Mitigation

Employees can be trained to make them less susceptible to phishing attacks, although attacks will still occur. Blocking attacks promptly when they do occur is essential. The PhishLabs phishing protection solution includes a T2 Analysis and Mitigation service which runs 24/7/365 to ensure attacks are blocked before data or systems are compromised. PhishLabs analysts disrupt the attack process early, accelerating detection and threat confirmation. All threats are triaged to determine if the attacks are malicious or benign, saving security teams valuable time. Threats are subjected to deep analysis to extract threat indicators and establish meaningful threat context for fast mitigation.

Threat Intelligence

The PhishLabs phishing protection solution provides T2 threat intelligence to organizations in near real-time via automated feeds. Those feeds include expert-validated threat information sourced from real-world attacks. Since threat intelligence is subjected to human analysis, PhishLabs reduces the false positives common with machine-analysis. Being provided with timely, actionable intelligence allows security teams to take steps to prevent attacks, such as blocking the malicious URLs in phishing URLs via their web filtering solutions.

Anti-Fraud Services

PhishLabs also provides 24/7 protection against targeted attacks on customers and account holders, preventing account takeovers, phishing attacks, vishing (Phishing via VOIP) and Smishing (Phishing via SMS). The PhishLabs phishing protection solution also offers protection against brand abuse to stop cybercriminals from using company branding in phishing attacks on customers. PhishLabs can also provide protection against the downloading of malicious apps onto mobile devices. All information is STIX/TAXII compatible, allowing intel to be fed into email, network and security analytics technologies.

About PhishLabs

Charleston, SC-based PhishLabs was formed in 2008 with the aim of providing organizations with additional protection from phishing and social engineering attacks that exploit a traditional weak point in security defenses: Employees. The company has since developed a range of products to help organizations augment their last line of defense against cyberattacks, in addition to providing intelligence to allow organizations to take early action to mitigate attacks before they result in data theft or financial losses.

The PhishLabs Phishing Protection platform detects and mitigates more than 7,800 phishing attacks each month with its R.A.I.D research division employing some of the world’s most respected threat analysts, malware researchers and reverse engineers. Those analysts focus on monitoring global cybercrime, dissecting tradecraft and studying global attack trends to help organizations prepare for and mitigate cyberattacks.

PhishLabs has made the Inc.5000 list for three consecutive years with a position of 1510 in 2016 after enjoying three-year growth of 252%, in addition to attaining position #301 in Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 500™ list the same year.

More recently, the company’s phishing defense and intelligence solutions were ranked highest in the Cybercrime Threat Intelligence category by Black BookTM of Cybersecurity LLC in 2017. The firm’s phishing defense solutions are now used by four of the five largest financial institutions in the United States.