MediaPro Launches New Travel Security Awareness Training Course

Organizations can train their employees to be more security aware in the office, but when it comes to business trips, employees face additional security risks. Training employees to be more security aware when travelling can help them to avoid risky behaviors that could potentially lead to malware infections or the accidental disclosure of sensitive information.

To help businesses deal with the added risks that come from business travel, MediaPro has developed a new travel security awareness training course, which has now been added to its extensive library of security awareness training courses.

Training courses can be dull and boring, and If employees are not engaged, they fail to learn and knowledge retention is poor. MediaPro appreciates that training can be a chore for employees, and has developed its training courses to be fun and engaging.

The latest training course is story-based and gamified to engage participants. Adult learning research has shown that story-based training helps to improve knowledge retention, while the course is made entertaining by placing the participant in the role of a secret agent facing various different scenarios while travelling.

The training course is mobile friendly, allowing business travelers to complete the course on the go and find out everything they need to know to ensure they do not fall for a phishing attack or scam on their travels;  training them to recognize and avoid risks.

The course covers basic cybersecurity practices for business travelers such as the safe use of Wi-Fi hotspots at hotels and airports, training employees to take more care on social media, and demonstrating the risks of disclosing sensitive information in public. The course trains employees to recognize phishing attempts, shows them how to keep sensitive information secure, how to maintain personal device security, and the importance of connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots securely using a VPN.

MediaPro Managing Director Steve Conrad said, “It’s absolutely vital that today’s business travelers remain security-aware while on the road, which is why we’ve designed an awareness course specifically for them.”

“Often, we are less alert when we are traveling, which increases our vulnerability. It’s important that employees build good awareness habits into their daily lives, whether they are on the road or not. MediaPro’s Travel Security coursed, based on award-winning expertise, is here to help,” said MediaPro’s chief strategist for security, privacy and compliance Tom Pendergast.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of