MediaPro Phishing Training Solution

MediaproThe MediaPro phishing training program helps organizations assess their risk profile and develop training courses to suit their individual needs. The MediaPro phishing training program includes a phishing simulation program that can be used for susceptibility assessments and to monitor the effectiveness of training programs. A phishing reporting tool can be added to mail clients to encourage employees to be more security aware and take steps to mitigate phishing attacks on their organization.

Key Features of the MediaPro Phishing Training Solution

At the heart of the MediaPro phishing training program is the Adaptive Awareness Framework™ – A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) training platform which organizations can access via a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI is used to build and deploy custom privacy and security awareness training programs that match the unique risk profiles of each organization.

The Adaptive Awareness Framework™

The Adaptive Awareness Framework™ has been developed to be highly flexible to suit the needs of organocations in a wide range of industry sectors. The MediaPro phishing training platform encourages companies to develop security and privacy awareness maturity through a process of continual improvement. The platform is based on the principles and structure of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

The platform encourages companies to conduct a risk analysis to identify vulnerabilities. Training and reinforcement programs can then be developed to improve security and resilience against phishing attacks and other security threats. The platform improves security awareness and encourages employees to change their behavior, helping organizations build a risk-aware culture.

The MediaPro phishing training program includes an extensive library of courses with short, interactive modules covering phishing and social engineering attack recognition and many other aspects of security, privacy and compliance. Organizations can build training programs for employees based on their unique risk profiles. The ability to customize courses and select the right content for the right people allows organizations to cut course development timelines by up to 80%.

The MediaPro phishing training program starts with an Awareness Program Maturity Assessment – a 12-question survey that is used to assess organizations’ current security training programs. The results are compared to the tiers of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and organizations are ranked in one of the four tiers of maturity. Organizations can compare their assessment scores with those of other companies that have completed the assessment. Following the assessment, suggestions are offered on how security scores can be improved.

MediaPro Phishing Simulator

A key component of the MediaPro phishing training program is phishing simulation exercises. Prior to starting phishing simulations or training, employees are required to complete a knowledge assessment. This provides a baseline against which progress can be measured. The MediaPro Phishing Simulator is then used to analyze the current employee-related risk landscape and is used as a tool to guide education programs.

Administrators can schedule phishing simulations and view the results in real time via an all-in-one reporting dashboard. The data show how susceptible organizations are to specific types of phishing campaigns. Live data clearly show the campaigns that are proving the most effective against the company, specific user groups or individuals. Phishing campaigns can be scheduled with ease and conducted randomly or directed at individuals or user groups within an organization – By department or job title for example.

Administrators can develop their own phishing simulations or select from a library of hundreds of phishing templates, with the option of designing landing pages for the phishing campaigns. Organizations can develop and run their own programs, although MediaPro offers a fully managed phishing service run by its phishing specialists.

The Find-a-Phish email client plugin allows employees to report phishing emails with a single click. Those emails are forwarded to security teams to allow them to take action to mitigate phishing attacks. The Find-a-Phish plugin is compatible with Office 365, Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2013

About MediaPro

MediaPro is a leading provider of security awareness, privacy awareness and compliance training serving a wide range of industry sectors. The company has developed over 1,000 learning projects and clients have completed more than 12 million training courses. The company has developed extensive Adaptive Security, Privacy and Compliance libraries of 2-5-minute training sessions, with companies able to mix and match their training programs to suit their own needs and requirements.

At the 2017 Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards, MediaPro received a Gold medal in the Most Innovative Security Service of the Year category for its Adaptive Awareness Portal. The company was also awarded with a Silver medal in the Security Training and Educational Programs category (11-99 Employees), Silver in the Security Products and Solutions for Finance and Banking category (11-99 Employees) and Bronze in the Security Products and Solutions for Enterprise category (11-99 Employees).

MediaPro has also won a 2016 Silver Award in the Microlearning category for phishing prevention in the Training Magazine Learning Design Challenge, three 2016 Golden Bridge Awards, and two golds, two silvers and one bronze at the 2016 Network Products Guide Awards. MediaPro has also been included in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Vendors – The third consecutive year that the company has been included in the Magic Quadrant.