Managed Service Providers Anti Spam Solution

If you are trying to pick the ideal Managed Service Providers anti spam solution then you are likely trying to find a product that will enhance the trust of current and potential customers while also trying to avoid adding an expensive drain to the productivity and workload of your staff

Due to this it can be a daunting task and you might feel under pressure to find the perfect solution, though you have no idea what this should be. In order to be of assistance we have compiled a list of the features that you must have in place for your anti spam solution

Make Sure that the Antivirus Solution is Robust

It is crucial that the antivirus software being used by your Antivirus engines are the best that are available. Cybercriminals’ main vector for attack remains as email and malware and phishing are their main tactics. Due to this you need to install an anti spam MSP solution that have features such as strong phishing protection and the ability to recognise malicious URLs. Doing so will keep your customers safe.

Enable Greylisting

In order to give your the best chance of avoiding becoming the victim of a cyberattack you need to achieve the highest possible spam detection rates. The vast majority of spam filters report an average spam detection rate of 97% and while this seems high it means that if you have 100 members of staff receiving 6 spam emails per day then 18 will make it past you spam filters.

In order to increase this spam detection rate you should make sure that greylisting takes place on your network. This will boost your organization’s spam detection rate even further as it involves returning all suspicious email to the sender with a request for them to be resent. spammers email servers are normally overloaded if it is very unlikely that the request for the re-sent will be identified or acted upon. When there is no reply your spam filter will mark the email as spam and send it to the quarantine folder. This tactic has seen the spam detection rate, in organizations that choose to deploy it, jump to 99%.

Greylisting is a stronger and more successful spam detection tactic that traditional spam filters that use blacklists of IP addresses from which spam is known to originate asit tackles spam that is coming from unrecognized senders based on a set of criteria it will check for.

Outbound Scanning

A serious amount of consideration need to be given to ensuring that your servers are not broadcasting spam unknowingly. This can happen if a cybercriminal is able to gain access to an unused email account or successfully manages to obtain the login/access details of a staff member. If this should happen then you might discover that your domain makes it way onto a blacklist for spam and your clients/customers are not receiving your important business emails. Following a phishing attack that infiltrates your databases hackers will attempt to leverage your correspondence to gain a profit. To avoid this outbound scanning will double check all outbound emails to ensure that there is nothing malicious taking place.

If you configure a Managed Service Provider anti spam solution then you are doing the wise thing and protecting your business in the face of strong attacks by cybercriminals.