Ironscales Announces Introduction of Non-Blocking Cloud-Native API Deployment

Ironscales has announced its automated phishing defense platform can now be used to protect organizations without the need for any physical plugins, thanks to its new non-blocking cloud-native API deployment, which has been made available for all of its anti-phishing modules.

The new option is ideally suited to businesses that have moved their email services to the cloud and are looking for an easy-to-implement solution that offers protection from phishing threats, without the need to purchase hardware or perform complex software installations.

The new deployment option can be used to protect any endpoint that uses Microsoft Office 365 or G-Suite for email, including tablets and mobile devices. Ironscales reports that this anti-phishing deployment can be implemented in a two-click process, without the need to alter DNS MX records. It is a quick and easy solution for security teams to deploy on all company-owned and personally-owned devices under a BYOD scheme.

The solution is system-agonistic, requires no chrome or outlook plugins, and security teams do not need to apply patches or perform system updates – The solution is automatically and silently upgraded by Ironscales.

The Ironscales platform has been developed to maximize the delivery of non-malicious emails while blocking email-based threats such as BEC attacks, malicious links and attachments, and phishing emails. The system sends immediate in-mail alerts about impersonation attempts, automatically performs a forensic analysis of suspicious and user-reported emails, and includes a one-click response/Clawback for security teams.

Customers deploying the solution benefit from access to Ironscales’ security awareness and phishing simulation platform – IronSchool; its threat intelligence sharing platform – Federation; its mailbox-anomaly detection service – IronSights; and its forensics and incident response solution – IronTraps.

Ironscales says that with the system in place, “Ironscales’ customers reduce the time from email phishing attack discovery to enterprise-wide remediation from days, weeks or months to just seconds, with little to no security team involvement.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of