New Insider Threat Training Modules Released by Wombat Security

Anti-phishing solution provider Wombat Security – now a division of Proofpoint – has released new insider threat training modules to help businesses deal with the threat from within. Insider breaches are a leading cause of data breaches, especially in the US healthcare industry where they share top spot with hacks.

Insider threats include simple mistakes made by employees, negligence, and malicious actions taken to cause harm to the organization or its customers, clients, or patients. The latter group includes sabotage and data theft. The former includes misconfigurations of software and responses to phishing emails and other scams. Together insiders are responsible for a high percentage of data breaches, yet insider threats are perhaps the hardest deal with for many organizations.

The training modules – Insider Threat Overview, Malicious Insider Threat, and Unintentional Insider Threat – cover the full spectrum of insider threats and raise awareness of the harm that can be caused by simple mistakes, malicious actions, and negligence. The first module provides an overview of the threat landscape and identifies best practices that can be adopted to reduce the risk of a data breach. The second helps employees recognize behaviors that could indicate threatening or malicious intent and helps them identify the ‘angry saboteur’, the ‘lying thief’, and the ‘corporate spy.’ The third helps improve security awareness of the workforce and explains the common errors that can lead to a data breach or network compromise.

The training modules include real world examples of data breaches, errors, and malicious attacks that are frequently experienced by companies.

Like an Ian Livingstone adventure book, the training modules present users with different content based on the answers to questions – What Wombat calls branching. The interactive content is generated based on responses to real world phishing threats presented in the training modules. If an error is made identifying a threat, employees are shown the consequences of their choice.

The insider threat training modules are now available to all Wombat customers.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of