Infosec Institute Training Library Now Includes More Than 1,200 Training Resources

The Infosec Institute, developer of the SecurityIQ phishing awareness training platform, has been steadily increasing its training modules to help businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions improve the security awareness of employees and train staff on cybersecurity and compliance.

The latest update to the training library sees five new modules added covering the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). The five new training modules include four CJIS policy modules: Handling CJI, Physical Security, Media Protection, and Dissemination/Destruction, and one CJIS Security Policy module. The new additions have been made available in English, Romanian, Russian and Polish.

The training material should be used to improve policy and security awareness of all employees who are required to handle criminal justice information (CJI). As with all other training modules, users can track the progress of employees using the SecurityIQ platform, which makes administering and monitoring security awareness and compliance training simple.

The InfoSec Institute has also released a new microlearning video called “Is it Safe?” which tackles mobile application security, adding to the recently released Shoulder Surfing and Tailgating videos. The microlearning videos are bite-sized chunks of information that are ideal for busy employees, as well as individuals with short attention spans. The videos typically only last a minute and provide key information on specific topics. The short length makes them easy to fit into a working day and helps to ensure staff are aware of the security basics. The InfoSec institute will be releasing further professionally produced microlearning videos throughout 2018.

The SecurityIQ training library is one of the most comprehensive sets of resources available to businesses to help them tackle the ever-growing range of security threats. The training library now contains more than 1,200 training modules, educational reinforcement materials, and phishing templates, covering the latest attack trends. By using the resources businesses can prepare staff and prevent cyberattacks from resulting in a data breach.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of