InfoSec Institute Launches Security Awareness Training Program for Healthcare

The cybersecurity awareness training solution provider the InfoSec Institute has announced it has launched a new security awareness training program for healthcare teams – the first such program to be developed specifically for the healthcare industry in the United States.

The training material is available through the company’s SecurityIQ AwareEd training platform, which now contains the largest interactive security awareness training library for the healthcare industry.

The security awareness training program for healthcare teams has been bolstered with more than 30 new training modules tailored for the healthcare industry. In addition to training material, the InfoSec Institute has also added new knowledge assessments to allow trainers to gauge how effective their training program has been. Each user is issued a training scorecard and receives grade based on their level of knowledge and understanding.

Anti-phishing training in healthcare is essential, but a single classroom-based training session a year is no longer sufficient. The tactics used by hackers and cybercriminals are constantly changing. Regular training ensures employees are taught how to recognize new threats and how they need to respond.

This is especially important in the healthcare industry which is a prime target for phishers and other cybercriminals. PHI is extremely valuable and can be sold for big bucks on the black market. Ransomware attacks often see sizable ransoms paid to unlock data, and malware gives cybercriminals access to a treasure trove of sensitive information. As long as attacks remain profitable they will continue. Given the rise in phishing attacks in healthcare in recent months there is still plenty of money being made.

“It is our responsibility and mission to arm CISOs, CIOs and essentially anyone with an email address in the organization with the knowledge and determination to beat hackers at their own game,” said Jack Koziol, president and founder of InfoSec Institute.

The latest additions to the InfoSec Institute’s training library includes the following healthcare-specific training programs:

  • Business Email Compromise for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Phishing for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Mobile Security for Healthcare Professionals
  • Safe Browsing for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Working Remotely for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Social Engineering for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Social Engineering for Healthcare Executives
  • Password Security for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Removable Media & PHI
  • Physical Security & PHI

The InfoSec Institute has recently added several new healthcare institutions to its list of clients including the Gold Coast Health Plan, Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Terrebonne General Medical Center, and Truman Medical Centers. All are now using the firm’s new security awareness training program for healthcare teams

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of