Guest Wifi Internet Filtering

One of the riskiest things for your network is someone new or strange logging onto your it and bringing with it all of the issues that they may have on their own unsecured computing devices.

For this reason it is crucial that your implements a guest WiFi Internet filtering solution to ensure that your network and database remains safe and cybercriminals will not obtain easy access to it. Without a filter like this installed you are running the risk of malware making it onto your databases and infecting the entire networks and computers linked to it.

While you can never be 100% certain that your network will be virus free, if you configure a Guest WiFI Internet filter then you are giving your group the best possible chance of staying malware and ransomware free.

Why you Should Implement Guest Internet Content Filtering for Wifi

Along with tackling any cyberattack that might come your way Internet content filtering for guest WiFi. Organizations will also secure the valuable information that is stored on your servers.

This is very important in some sectors including education and health care where the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act must be adhered to avoid possible fines. There are newer pieces of data privacy legislation in some jurisdictions like GDPR in the European Unions and the CCPA in California that also require private personal data to be secured under certain conditions to avoid the organization being penalized financially.

If you are operating staff Wifi you should things about configuring a setting to stop non-work essential browsing. Along with keeping your network safe it will likely lead to an increase in productivity and more profits for your group. Reports will be produced by your INternet Filter provider that will allow you to analyze use over time and consider the application of even more filters to improve business.

You will also be doing no harm to the reputation and trustworthiness of your company by using a tool like this. Reports have shown that companies will are subjected to a data breach suffering from a reputation point of view. By having a reputation for doing everything possible to keep customers’ information safe then you should have an extra selling point over more careless competitors.

Using Guest Internet Filters for WiFi

There are three main tools in a Guest Wifi FIlter:

  • Blacklists: This is where lists of URLs known to host malware, viruses and ransomware are used by your filters so that they can prevent access to them at all costs. This will stop hackers from successfully attacking any of your staff using a spoofing or phishing message. There is also a whitelisting option where a banned website can be made available to an individual or department based on business needs.
  • Category filters: This is where you use the filters classification of all websites into specific groups or categories. You can turn off access to one particular category e.g. gambling to stop access to all URLs that come underneath it. It prevents Internet users from visiting websites within certain categories. Websites are categorized according to their content and can be blanket-blocked by each organization depending on its acceptable use policies and propensity to risk. Whitelisting is also available here.
  • Keyword filters prevent Internet users from visiting web pages containing specific words, web applications or file types. They also allow organizations to fine-tune their Internet filters for WiFi hotspots when required. Whitelisting is also available here.