GFI Software Launches OneConnect Advanced Email Protection, Continuity, and Archiving Solution

GFI Software has launched two new software systems to give sysadmins much better protection from sophisticated cyberattacks.

The past 12 months has seen an increase in both the number of cyberattacks on businesses and their sophistication. Figures from Kaspersky Lab suggest there has been a 300% increase in ransomware attacks on businesses in the first 10 months of 2016 alone, with some companies reporting being attacked every 40 seconds. Companies that fail to implement layered defenses to protect against the barrage of attacks are likely to suffer costly data breaches.

The two new software solutions developed by GFI Software will help to keep SMBs protected. The solutions offer enterprise-class protection at a price point aimed at companies in the SMB segment.

The new GFI OneGuard platform makes it easier for sysadmins to secure, manage, and monitor networks of all sizes. The platform includes vulnerability detection to ensure security issues can be detected and remediated rapidly, and patch management and asset tracking functions to help sysadmins make sure no patches and devices are missed. Antivirus protection is provided through the Kaspersky Lab AV engine.

According to GFI Software, the incorporation of all of these functions into one platform makes for simpler hardware, software, and network inventory management, helping with compliance and the management of BYOD and centralizing and automating processes to enhance security posture. All elements of the platform are clearly displayed in a user dashboard that provides all key information at a glance to give an overview of the state of security.

The second new release – GFI OneConnect – incorporates three critical business processes: Email protection, continuity, and compliance. The solution helps sysadmins deal with phishing and spam emails and block malware and ransomware installation through the email channel. The solution features two powerful AV engines to block malware-laced emails and more than 99% of spam email is blocked.

The solution also serves as a backup for Microsoft Exchange Server to ensure continuity of service. If Microsoft Exchange Server goes down, GFI OnceConnect takes over to ensure emails are still sent and delivered until Exchange Server is brought back online. The solution also incorporates an email archiving function to ensure messages can easily be retrieved in case of queries and to make the handling of eDiscovery requests far simpler.

“In these platform products, we are combining two decades of experience in creating network and email management solutions with the latest security technologies, as key weapons in the constant fight against cyber-threats,” said Andre Muscat, Senior VP and Chief Product Officer at GFI Software.

Both new platforms have been made available on a free 30-day trial and are sold through GFI Software’s network or distributers and resellers.

Author: Richard Anderson

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