Expanded Awareness Video Campaigns to be Showcased by Wombat Security at the SXSW Conference

Wombat Security Technologies will be showcasing a new addition to its Awareness Video Campaigns at this month’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference.

The Awareness Video Campaigns are a new addition to the Security Awareness Materials produced by Wombat, the purpose of which is to remind employees of the need to be security aware and how simple changes to behavior can have a major impact on their organizations.

Cybersecurity concepts are introduced in Wombat’s training modules, with the awareness materials reinforcing those concepts, emphasizing best practices and helping to improve knowledge retention.

Wombat’s Security Awareness Materials include posters for organizations to display in the workplace and images and articles to distribute via email. The Awareness Video Campaigns are a new addition, with the first video released last month.

The purpose of the videos is to improve engagement and highlight a lighter side to cybersecurity, capturing the attention of employees and encouraging them to share and talk about the videos. The video campaigns are not intended to be a replacement for training, instead they serve as an additional resource to reinforce training and help build a culture of security awareness. The videos last around a minute and incorporate humor to help communicate the core message and make the videos more memorable. Organizations have the option of adding a custom wrapper to the videos, incorporating branding and other information to grab attention and make the materials more relevant.

Last month, Wombat released the ‘Great Saves’ campaign covering the use of free WiFi networks, the risk of phishing and the importance of protecting confidential information and healthcare data.

The latest video campaign, which will be shown at SXSW next week, is titled ‘Don’t Let Thieves In’ and focuses on physical security, social media websites and ransomware. The video shows workers making all too common security mistakes that leave the door wide open to cybercriminals.

The videos are accompanied by posters and images using the same design elements which can similarly be customized with branding and other company specific content.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news