Agari Wins Security PG 2017 Global Excellence Award for Best Security Software

The cybersecurity firm Agari has been crowed winner of the Best Security Software category at this year’s Security Product Guide 2017 Global Excellence Awards.

The Security Products Guide is used by decision makers to determine the best IT security products to deploy to protect digital assets. The reviews in the guide are invaluable for helping narrow down products to those that are best suited for each individual organization. The awards are an annual event in which the best cybersecurity companies are honored and the top security products are recognized.

Agari picked up the award for its Enterprise Protect™ solution – the only email security solution that counters the threat from spear phishing emails, business email compromise (BEC) attacks and sophisticated low-volume social engineering-based email attacks.

While there are many anti-phishing and spam-filtering solutions available, most fail to block advanced spear phishing emails and impersonation attacks in which the attackers pretend to be an individual or organization known to the target.

The threat from phishing has been steadily growing, with more than 95% of all cyberattacks and data breaches involving email-based attacks, says Agari. While phishing emails are often intercepted and blocked, spear phishing attacks – those that target specific individuals – are harder for software to identify. Attackers often evade detection by using social engineering tactics rather than malicious URLs of code.

“Agari Enterprise Protect is the only solution available today that actively prevents these types of attacks that use identity deception to trick people into giving away confidential information that puts employees, partners and brands at risk,” said Seth Knox, vice president of Marketing for Agari.

Agari’s Enterprise Protect™ solution works by analyzing the metadata of emails rather than the message content and verifies trusted email identities, leveraging the data from 10 billion monitored emails per day to help identify trusted senders.

Knox said, “Info Security Products Guide’s recognition of Agari Enterprise Protect highlights the magnitude of the growing problem of advanced email-based attacks that circumvent existing defenses, such as secure email gateways.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of