Agari Announces Summer 2019 Release of its Secure Email Cloud Email Security Solution

Agari has announced the Summer 2019 release of its email security solution, Secure Email Cloud. The Summer release includes major code upgrades and new features to enhance protection against email security threats such as phishing, spear phishing, business email compromise, and zero-day threats. The latest release also provides improved insights into email-based threats targeting companies in the APAC region.

One of the main upgrades is enhanced brand display name imposter detection. Agari has updated its machine learning model to further improve catch rates of fraudulent emails. When the update is rolled out, customers will be able to drill down to see whether specific groups, services, or forwarding notifications associated with brands are being impersonated.

Email-based attacks on companies in the APAC region are increasing. To counter these threats, Agari has expanded its brand monitoring efforts in the APAC region and is now monitoring more APAC brand domains than any other email security solution provider.

Agari has also updated its machine learning techniques to provide greater protection against zero-day threats – Never-before seen phishing threats. Its identity impostor model updates have enhanced the Message Trust Score algorithm to improve protection against attacks that leverage compromised accounts from webmail providers that spoof the names of an organization’s executives and employees. These emails are now classified as untrusted, allowing customers to easily block these fraudulent emails.

Agari will be rolling out the Summer upgrade to all customers in July 2019.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of