Agari Announces Fall 2019 Release of its Secure Email Cloud Email Security Solution

Agari has announced the Fall 2019 release of its AI-powered email security solution, Secure Email Cloud. The latest updates include new features to improve protection against advanced email security threats.

The Agari Secure Email Cloud leverages threat intelligence gathered from trillions of emails which is used to keep inboxes free from phishing and spear phishing emails. The solution also provides protection against business email compromise attacks and account takeovers.

The latest updates in the fall 2019 release include automated protection against zero-day voicemail-based attacks, improved protection against insider impersonation attacks, and automated phishing alerts can now be sent to organizations’ existing DIEM, SOAR, and ticketing systems.

A growing attack trend is the use of voicemail and fax alerts in phishing campaigns. These messages embed links and attachments that direct end users to web-based phishing kits or download malware or ransomware. The upgrade uses AI-based detection mechanisms – the Agari Identity Graph – to automatically protect customers from zero-day voicemail attacks which often bypass email security solutions.

One of the hardest threats to detect is insider impersonation via compromised email accounts. When an employee falls for a phishing scam and discloses his/her email credentials, the attacker takes over their email account and uses it to send further phishing emails to other employees in the organization and business contacts. The latest updates to Agari’s insider impersonation protection technology provide enhanced protection against these insider impersonation attacks that hide in outgoing email traffic and employee-to-employee email conversations and prevents phishing threats from spreading to other employees and business partners.

When a phishing attack occurs, Agari Incident Response helps businesses deal with the attack quickly by accelerating triage, forensics, and remediation. The Fall 2019 update extends alerts to existing security infrastructure such as internal ticketing systems and security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) and security information and event management (SIEM) systems via open APIs. This allows businesses to rapidly block attacks before they result in financial losses or data breaches.

“Fall ‘19 further demonstrates Agari’s dedication to providing innovative anti-phishing solutions that protect our customers from the ever-changing tactics of bad actors,” said Armen Najarian, CMO, Agari. “Equally important is that our latest code release dramatically improves orchestration and remediation, helping customers reduce the time to remove phishing emails from the inbox.”

Author: Richard Anderson

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