Z Services Expands TitanHQ Partnership to Provide New Cloud-Based Security Services

The Dubai-based managed service provider Z Services has expanded its partnership with TitanHQ and is now offering cloud-based web filtering and in-country email archiving as a service to customers throughout the MENA region.

Cybersecurity is a critical business concern throughout the MENA region and companies are increasingly looking to managed service providers to provide solutions to improve their security posture. It makes much more sense to have cybersecurity as an operational expense rather than a capital expense, which is achieved through cloud-based services rather than appliance-based solutions. Z Services has been expanding its customer base by providing these solutions to SMEs through ISPs.

Z Services expanded its cybersecurity services earlier this year with a new partnership with TitanHQ. The managed service provider started offering a new cloud-based anti-spam service – Z Services Anti-Spam SaaS – which was powered by TitanHQ’s SpamTitan technology. The service blocks nuisance spam email and provides protection against malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

The popularity of the service has prompted Z Services to expand its partnership with TitanHQ and start offering a new web filtering and email archiving service to businesses in the region through their ISPs. Its Internet security-as-a-service offering is powered by WebTitan and the in-country email archiving service is powered by ArcTitan. TitanHQ supplied its solutions in white label form allowing Z Services to rebrand the solutions and create its MERALE SaaS offering – A cost-effective, auto-provisioned, Internet protection and compliance service.

Through MERALE, SMEs are able to block web-based threats such as phishing and prevent ransomware and malware downloads while carefully controlling the online content employees can access. In addition to improving Internet security, businesses benefit from productivity gains through the blocking of categories of web content such as dating, gambling, gaming and social media sites. An extensive reporting suite gives businesses all the information they need on the online activities of the workforce. The in-country email archiving service helps businesses comply with government, state, and industry regulations meet eDiscovery requirements.

“We believe that MERALE will be a game-changer in how small and medium businesses in the region ensure their protection, and as a subscription-based service, it removes the need for heavy investments and long-term commitments,” said, Nidal Taha, President – Middle East and North Africa, Z Services.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news