Website Blocking Software

Website Blocking Software has two objectives – to minimize contact with web based threats and control Access to the internet for network users.

The advantage of the first goal is that it is very simple to achieve. By utilizing applications to block sites that harbor malware as well as ransomware, or perhaps that are designed to perform phishing attacks, you can put your group in a position to avoid virus attacks, preventing financial loss and data breaches.

Using website blocking software to control access to the internet could be advantageous to companies that would like to improve efficiency, schools that wish to comply with underage safety legislation and publicly accessible WiFi services that want to provide a family friendly browsing environment. In each of these cases, two elements are needed for it to be a successful solution – versatility and simple use.

When web content blocking solutions were first made available for libraries and schools, in an effort to comply together with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, they were difficult to use, complex, due to little versatility, and prevented access to educationally important online support and research organizations.

Many schools did not qualify for the E rate discounts they had been previously eligible for due to the issues with overly sensitive website blocking software.

Luckily, solutions for blocking access to websites have evolved greatly since those original solutions. Nowadays there are user-friendly interfaces with automatic updates and auto-configuration that can be administered by an individual via a web-based portal. These solutions are multipurpose. User policies could be created for any user, user group or even network wide. Internet access may additionally be managed by time, location, IP address, as well bandwidth controls applied.

With this degree of versatility, and using schools as a good example, pupils in various levels are able to access age appropriate information. Students learning various subject matter are able to have several filtering parameters applied based on their syllabuses, and it is actually easy to enable unfiltered access to social networking sites during gaps between courses.

Even more importantly, site blocking programs nowadays have very granular control buttons plus web content is correctly categorized. Overblocking of Internet content material is not an issue, and if the unexpected site is blocked by mistake it is an easy and quick procedure to unblock it.