Video Production and Content Provider Exploqii Acquired by KnowBe4

The security awareness and anti-phishing vendor KnowBe4 has announced it has acquired the Berlin-based video production and training content provider Exploqii.

Exploqii was formed in 2014 by Christine Kipke and Detlev Weise and has fast become a leading provider of video and written content covering security and compliance, mostly serving companies in Germany and Central Europe. The company develops standalone awareness communications and educational tools, in addition to providing eLearning and classroom training courses.

The company’s educational videos include data privacy, cybersecurity, compliance, and security training content and currently cover more than 50 subjects in 24 languages, including phishing, ransomware and social engineering awareness. Its 2-minute educational videos provide valuable information for employees in easily digestible chunks. To date, its video content has attracted more than one million views.

The company is highly regarded and was recognised with a SPA – Outstanding Security Performance Award in 2016 and a Cybersecurity Excellence Award in 2018.

KnowBe4 has its own library of training content that its customers can use to train their workforce to be more security aware, with an extensive range of training material covering phishing, ransomware, malware, and BEC attacks. The firm is constantly updating its library of training content to keep it relevant and incorporate the latest cybersecurity threats. The acquisition of Exploqii will help in this regard.

“Our objective is to constantly provide fresh content to our users with useful, engaging materials,” said Stu Sjouwerman. “This acquisition enables us to provide new materials allowing our customers to customize their new-school security awareness programs with the right training at the right time for their organization.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of