Vade Secure Email Defense

Vade Secure Email Defense is an AI-driven email security solution for Microsoft Office 365 that allows SMBs and managed service providers (MSPs) to improve email security and block the threats that bypass Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP), the default security solution provided with Office 365 subscriptions.

Vade Secure Email Defense AI Threat Detection

In contrast to many email security solutions that rely on blacklists, sender reputation, and sandboxing to detect email threats, at the heart of Vade Secure Email Defense is an AI and machine learning system. The system analyzes inbound emails in their entirety, including message protocols, headers, content, domains, and message formats. A real-time behavioral analysis is also performed, and message context is assessed. This approach accurately predicts the likelihood of a message being malicious. By analyzing the origin, content, and context of emails, zero-day and polymorphic malware threats can be identified without the time delays associated with sandboxing technologies.

Protection Against Non-Malware Threats

Vade Secure Email Defense offers real-time protection against the web-based component of phishing attacks. When an end user attempts to visit a URL in an email, the solution provides time of click protection. The link is followed in its entirety, including redirects, to identify the landing page. The page is then scanned and blocked if malicious components are detected.

Spear phishing emails can be harder to detect as the messages do not always include URLs. Vade Secure analyzes the context of emails and searchers for patterns often found in spear phishing attacks, such as requests for financial information and changes to financial information, as is common in Business Email Compromise attacks. Support Vector Machine and Deep Neural Network classifiers are used to identify subtle grammatical and stylistic choices, which are commonly found in phishing emails, along with attempts to add urgency to the request and other red flags associated with phishing.

Vade Secure Email Defense establishes a baseline for each organization based on normal email flow. This allows the solution to establish the patterns of normal email traffic and easily identify anomalies which could indicate an attack in progress, such as a BEC attack.

Threat Detections Pushed out to 600 Million Mailboxes

Vade Secure Email Defense is currently used to protect more than 600 million mailboxes. When a threat is detected and confirmed, threat data is fed to all users to ensure that the email threat is identified in other mailboxes and is blocked. The threat intelligence helps to proactively keep all users protected from emerging threats. Each time a threat is detected it is used to train the machine learning element of the system, which uses the threat data to predict new attacks and remediate them promptly.

The solution is simple to implement and is available as a gateway or cloud-based solution and is compatible with all hosted email servers including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, G Suite and Zimbra. In contrast to many email security solutions, the solution can be set up in minutes and does not require any changes to MX records. There are no complex configurations, end user training is not required, and users can keep working with Office 365 as normal.