Updated CloudCheckr App Improves Spot Management and Reporting

CloudCheckr has announced a series of updates and improvements to its cloud management platform, CloudCheckr app, and website.

The Cloudcheckr.com website has benefitted from a redesign and the CloudCheckr app now has a crisper, cleaner design with a new color scheme, new logos, new fonts and buttons. The new interface on the app make navigation much simpler.

The improvements are more than just aesthetic. CloudCheckr has made several updates to its AWS and Azure functions that make the management of AWS and Azure resources even easier.

For easier AWS management, users can now launch the Spotinst-powered CloudCheckr Spot Management function from two locations: The Savings welcome screen in marketplace via the Get Stated option and also via the Cost tab.

The Spot Management function now shows how many resources are within each Virtual Private Cloud when viewing the VPC list. Users can drill down for more information on each VPC to review the actual resources and can order the list by type.

It was already possible to compare costs versus list cost pricing to analyze the savings that can be made. Now it is possible to tweak and fine tune the analysis even further by filtering by custom charges and the billing period.

New tools have also been added for AWS Partners, including options for suppressing or applying support charges, which can be applied by AWS account or account families.

Updates have also been made to Azure support, including enhancements to Multiple Account Views – An improvement for Cloud Service Providers and large enterprises to make Azure account management simpler. Users can now create a multi-account view including billing type, CSP, Enterprise Agreement or Mixed views.

CloudCheckr has applied the new updates and is continuing to offer the opportunity to run a 14-day trial of the platform free of charge to discover how easy it is to use CloudChecr to manage and reduce cloud costs.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news