TitanHQ Announces Security Awareness Training, Web Filtering and Email Security Product Updates

The Irish cybersecurity company, TitanHQ, has recently improved its cybersecurity solutions, adding several new MSP-focused features to the WebTitan web filter and SafeTitan security awareness training solutions to improve usability and drive operational efficiency, with updates due imminently for its SpamTitan email security solution.

TitanHQ’s WebTitan, SpamTitan, and SafeTitan cybersecurity solutions provide multi-layered security to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.  WebTitan is a DNS-based web filtering solution for controlling Internet access and blocking web-based threats. SpamTitan is an AI-driven email security solution for blocking phishing, business email compromise, and malware threats, and SafeTitan is a comprehensive security awareness training and phishing simulation platform. Thousands of SMBs, enterprises, and MSPs rely on these solutions for protecting against email and web-based threats.

TitanHQ solutions are hugely popular with managed service providers, who use them to provide defense-in-depth security to their clients. The solutions have been developed to be easy to implement into MSP service stacks, rapidly onboard and protect new customers, and have a low management overhead. The latest versions of the solutions incorporate several features requested by MSP clients to make management even easier and further improve operational efficiency.

SafeTitan Update Automates MSP Phishing Simulation Campaigns

July saw the release of a new SafeTitan feature that improves the efficiency of training and phishing simulation campaigns for MSP clients. The Auto Campaigns feature allows MSPs to configure annual simulation campaigns for their clients in minutes, which can run continuously throughout the year. The new feature significantly reduces the time and resources required for planning and managing security awareness campaigns.

WebTitan 5.03 Release Improves Policy Controls

WebTitan is a DNS-based web filtering solution for controlling internet access and blocking web-borne threats on wired and wireless networks providing unrivaled speed, scalability, and accuracy with zero latency. The latest release includes several upgrades to filtering policies to further reduce the time spent on maintenance, along with reporting and block page enhancements and several bug fixes.

Some of the key new policy-released features include support for the customization of the global default policy at the MSP level, which means a custom default policy can be applied when creating customer accounts; support for the customization of the default policy at the customer level; the ability to allow/block top-level domains (TLDs) on a customer policy and global domains; and the ability to inherit allowed & blocked domains from the customer default policy.

SpamTitan 9.01 Release Imminent

TitanHQ has announced the imminent release of a new version of its SpamTitan email security solution – version 9.01 – which includes several MSP-focused upgrades to improve usability and reduce the time required for managing customer accounts. TitanHQ has added a new mail view to improve the user experience and make email analysis simpler. MSPs will be able to act on customer emails at the MSP level through the history/quarantine for MSPs feature, and Link Lock inheritance has been enabled at the MSP level so it is no longer necessary to drill down into individual domains to make changes, which will significantly reduce management time. Pattern filtering for MSPs has also been added to make the administration of SpamTitan easier, with a new Other Products option making it much easier for MSPs to offer other TitanHQ solutions to their clients to provide defense in depth security.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news