TigerText User Conferences Schedule for 2015/2016 Announced

This week, the TigerText user conferences schedule for 2015/2016 was announced. There will be five TigerTech conferences around the country for existing customers and four TigerLaunch events for new customers. The program will start in September, 2015.

TigerTech User Conferences for Current Customers

Current customers are invited to attend their most convenient TigerTech event. At these regional conferences attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers and high level decision makers, share success stories and discover how others have integrated third party systems, such as answering services, scheduling systems and EMR platforms.

The TigerTech events which consist of a series of presentations and discussions, with planned in-depth case studies demonstrating some of the major success stories. The full schedule for each event will be made available in due course; however the first TigerTech conference will include presentations by NAMM California and Scottsdale Health Partners; both have drastically reduced operational costs by using the TigerText secure healthcare messaging platform.

TigerText Co-Founder and CEO, Brad Brooks, will also be delivering a keynote speech at the West Coast TigerTech Conference, entitled “Securing and Connecting Your Mobile Workforce.”

TigerTech User Conference Schedule 2015/2016

    • West Coast TigerTech Conference
      September 21, 2015
      Santa Monica, CA
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    • Northeast TigerTech Conference
      October 22, 2015
      Location TBA
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    • Southwest TigerTech Conference
      March 24, 2016
      Location TBA
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    • Midwest TigerTech Conference
      April 28, 2016
      Location TBA
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    • Southeast TigerTech Conference
      May 19, 2016
      Location TBA
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TigerLaunch Events for New Customers

The implementation of a new secure healthcare messaging system can be a straightforward process; however there is always a learning curve with the implantation of a new software system and it takes time before the full benefits can be realized.

TigerText has been developed to make integration as easy as possible; and as part of that process, new customers are being offered an opportunity to meet the team to learn and discuss best practices, gain insights from industry thought leaders, as well as look at the exciting new developments that can be expected from TigerText over the coming months.

The TigerLaunch events take place at TigerText headquarters in Santa Monica, California. The events run over two days, during which time attendees will learn how TigerText can be integrated into current systems and they will also attend a boot camp, in which advanced hands-on training will be provided.

TigerLaunch User Conference Schedule 2015/2016

Brad Brooks recently said, “Our launch and user conferences are structured to provide enterprise leaders with insight into the future of the industry and learn how they can harness technology to connect and collaborate with peers in a safe and secure manner,” He went on to say “These events are a great opportunity for our community of customers, partners and thought leaders to share ideas and increase their understanding of how TigerText can positively impact their organizations.”

The TigerText user conferences schedule has been created to suit as many existing and new users as possible – and the benefits of the conferences are clear. Joe Alfonsi, Director of the Temple University Hospital Access Center, and former TigerTech conference attendee, said “I not only learned best practices around mobile device usage in the workplace, and how to maximize our TigerText benefits, but I also have real, actionable content to take back with me to my organization.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news