TigerText Sales Triple in 2014 as Demand Increases for Secure Workplace Text Message Service

The healthcare industry is under attack, with malicious insiders and hackers attempting to access and steal healthcare data at every opportunity. The need for a secure secure workplace text message service has never been greater. An increasing number of healthcare providers have chosen a secure workplace text message service to allow employees to communicate with each other securely and more efficiently, without risking data exposure.

As one of the country’s leading providers of real time, secure and encrypted text message solutions, TigerText has seen demand for a secure communication channel surge.

Sales of TigerText’s Secure Workplace Text Message Service Soar

Sales figures of the TigerText secure workplace text message service can be seen as a gauge of the market as a whole. The announcement that sales of the popular healthcare texting app tripled in 2014 demonstrates both the high demand for the product, and its attractiveness to healthcare providers and other HIPAA-covered entities.

tigertext-miniTigerText customers now include 38 percent of Fortune 500 companies, and this is the fourth consecutive year that triple digit growth has been recorded, helped by huge interest from the healthcare industry. The TigerText secure text message service has now been adopted by hundreds of healthcare providers and other HIPAA-covered entities. Today, more than 500 million text messages are now sent via TigerText every calendar month.

The popularity of the service is understandable. We are now in an age of data breaches, with attacks on healthcare providers coming from all angles. The introduction of strict legislation covering the transmission and storage of personal data now means healthcare providers who fail to take action to secure communication channels are likely to face significant financial penalties. Many healthcare providers believe that it is better to take proactive steps to prevent data breaches via mobile devices. By using a secure text message service they are able to dramatically reduce the risk of receiving a HIPAA violation penalty.

TigerText CEO, Brad Brooks, recently said “One of the biggest challenges CEOs will face in 2015 is to enable their companies to work securely,” he went on to say, “High-profile security breaches, like the recent Sony Studios hack, are forcing companies to rethink the way they communicate and conduct business on a daily basis. TigerText is helping organizations of all sizes meet expanding security and compliance demands, while enabling them to work securely.”

TigerText Updates its Secure Workplace Text Message Service

The need for a secure secure workplace text message service is there, but this must also be matched with a product that is quick and easy to use. Regardless of the level of security offered, if a system is slow or difficult to use, physicians will not use it. Consequently TigerText developed the secure messaging platform to be user friendly, with familiar-looking interfaces, and perhaps most important of all, messages and attachments can be sent rapidly. The team has also been constantly tweaking the platform to improve its secure secure workplace text message service to ensure the company continues to meet and exceeds customer expectations.

2014 has seen the company reach a number of its goals, with the key achievements of the year including:

  • The release of the faster, more efficient, TigerText 5.0 secure messaging platform
  • Inclusion of Touch ID support for iOS devices
  • Improvements to reduce battery consumption
  • Introduction of advanced reporting functions
  • Inclusion of trends app to monitor employee usage of the secure messaging service
  • Improvements to functionality to cope with the most hostile environments

These improvements has helped the company achieve:

  • A 3-fold increase in customer base
  • Customer retention figures of more than 98%
  • Over 500 million messages transmitted every month, an increase of 200 million from 2013
  • Over 4 million TigerText app downloads

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news