TigerText Rebrands as TigerConnect

TigerText, the market leading secure text messaging solution provider in healthcare has announced the company has rebranded as TigerConnect.

TigerConnect started as a secure text messaging platform for the healthcare industry to bring communication in line with other industries and reduce reliance on outdated forms of communication such as landlines, pagers, and faxes.  The platform has since evolved into a comprehensive CC&C solution that integrates with other healthcare systems such as EHRs. Secure text messaging is now just one capability of its complex clinical communications framework, which is now the most advanced clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solution on the market.

The complexity ensures that the solution meets the complex communication needs of all healthcare organizations, but that complexity is not apparent to users, who get a consumer-like experience and find the platform easy to use.

The platform allows clinical staff to regain the many hours that are lost through disparate, disconnected information and arcane communication tools. The result is improved communication, better collaboration and greater engagement, which ultimately translate into greater levels of staff satisfaction and improved patient outcomes.

“Our new name – TigerConnect – allows us to clearly articulate the true value our solutions deliver,” said Brad Brooks, Co-Founder, and CEO. “We connect care teams, existing data systems, and ultimately healthcare communities across a centralized and highly scalable clinical messaging platform.”

Brooks explains that ultimately it is the real-time connection to data and people that result in dramatic improvements to healthcare communication. “We wanted that value to be reflected in our name and brand icon which are 4 interlocking C’s that represent Connected Clinical Communication and Collaboration.”

TigerConnect’s products include the HITRUST-CSF certified TigerText Essentials secure mobile messaging solution, which supports 1-to-1 and group communications, and TigerFlow, an advanced CC&C solution for improving ROI across a broad range of workflows and use cases.“TigerFlow allows care organizations to solve for specific outcomes centered around resource optimization, faster transitions of care, fewer medical errors, and higher patient and provider satisfaction.” The solution also integrates with EHRs and can be used to manage clinical alerts and make calls using VOIP technology.

TigerConnect has also taken the opportunity to unveil a host of new capabilities that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to help healthcare organizations streamline and speed up quality of care delivery in hospitals.

The TigerConnect Clinical Connection Hub allows healthcare providers to intelligently merge systems such as their EHRs, medical imaging systems, nurse call, and scheduling solutions into a single, centralized mobile communication platform, giving staff instant access to the information they need through their smartphones.

Patient Smart Cards allows users to view patient alerts and alarms via ‘cards’ that have action buttons, which populate in the message feed for fast responses or escalations.

Automated Persona Management allows role-based communications through integration with scheduling systems, to ensure the right person can be reached through role, such as on-call cardiologist. There is also intelligent shift-based routing of messages to ensure messages go to the right person and not to off-shift workers.

The platform also supports Shift-to-Shift Activity Handoffs, which ensure that all messages and patient data are passed over at shift changes, which reduces the potential for medical errors. Escalation rules can also be set to ensure that unread messages are rerouted to alternate on-call clinicians.

Task list continuity ensures that any tasks relating to a patient that have not been completed on one shift can easily be taken over by the new shift owner, ensuring no tasks are forgotten or miscommunicated.

TigerConnect also offers integrations with the PBX system for connected real-time communication, and also supports VOIP and video calls.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news