TigerText Launches the TigerConnect HealthBot

TigerText, the leading secure healthcare messaging solution provider, has announced the release of the TigerConnect HealthBot.

The HealthBot has been designed to be a convenient and low cost method of providing patients with important healthcare information and to ease the burden on support staff. The HealthBot can take care of a number of repetitive tasks that have previously required the time of telephone support staff

Patients are often frustrated with the time it takes to obtain basic information from healthcare providers over the telephone. Wait times in excess of 30 minutes are far from unusual. Oftentimes, patients need a quick answer to a simple question or require important information about their medications. Even arranging a routine appointment can take an extraordinary amount of time.

In many industries, companies have taken advantage of bot technology and use chatbots to quickly and efficiently provide information to consumers. However, the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt this technology even though many patients would prefer to contact their healthcare providers via web portals.

“Messenger bots offer huge upside for both patients and care providers by empowering millions of patients to permanently hang up the phone, and embrace a new path to instant answers,” says Itamar Kandel, President of TigerConnect

tigerconnect-healthbot-chat-windowThe TigerConnect HealthBot is intended to speed up the provision of information to patients, and can help to improve the patient experience and reduce telephone wait times. The HealthBot is also capable of recognizing when calls need to be escalated and put through to a member of support staff or a nurse or physician.

Patients can benefit greatly and healthcare providers can use the communication platform to reduce operational costs. “With healthcare costs expected to rise a staggering 5.8% every year over the next decade, the industry is in dire need of solutions that can help lower costs and drive efficiencies,” says Kandel.

The TigerConnect HealthBot is accessed via a web portal and patients can interact with the bot via a chat window. Healthcare providers can program a wide range of information into the HealthBot. When patients ask certain questions or use specific keywords, predefined responses will be triggered. It is also possible to use the HealthBot to automate the booking of appointments, the collection of healthcare information, and to use the HealthBot to issue reminders to patients.

TigerText has developed the HealthBot to be easy to use and suitable for a wide range of healthcare organizations, such as healthcare providers, pharmacies, health insurers, and pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacies can program the HealthBot to take prescription orders and advise patients when their prescriptions will be ready for collection. Health insurers can use the HealthBot to provide information to members and healthcare organizations about insurance coverage, while drug companies can use the TigerConnect HealthBot to provide information about their pharmaceutical products.

All information entered into the HealthBot is encrypted, thus meeting HIPAA compliance requirements.

The TigerConnect HealthBot is now available and is supplied with a full range of APIs and tools to ensure easy integration with existing web portals.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news