Dolphin CT50h Clinical Smartphone Gets Custom TigerText App

TigerText has announced a new collaboration project with Honeywell. A customized version of the TigerText secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging app is now available for use with the Honeywell Dolphin CT50h Clinical Smartphone.

The Dolphin CT50h Clinical Smartphone was developed to allow physicians and other healthcare professionals to have seamless mobile access to clinical data and healthcare systems. The device helps healthcare providers to improve efficiency and maximize productivity of the workforce. The device offers a range of features custom-designed for healthcare professionals with unparalleled scanning performance, long battery life, and a housing that has been designed to be resistant to clinical disinfectants.

The collaboration with TigerText allows healthcare professionals to take full advantage of the capabilities of the phone and also use their device to send HIPAA-compliant, encrypted text messages. The TigerText secure messaging app allows physicians and nurses to communicate with all members of the care team more efficiently and effectively from any location.

The TigerText app has been customized to work seamlessly with the Dolphin CT50h Clinical Smartphone. TigerText has incorporated encrypted bot technology to enable healthcare professionals to securely retrieve up to date patient data from clinical systems and view electronic health medical records (EMRs).

The barcode scanner on the Smartphone can be used to rapidly obtain information about patients’ medications and other data stored in EMRs. All data – included patients’ protected health information (PHI) – can be viewed and transmitted securely via the TigerText app in compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Rules.

TigerText has layered bot technology over its standard encrypted text messaging platform to enable healthcare professionals to automate a wide range of additional functions, such as processing order requests in accordance with HIPAA Rules and the criteria demanded by the Joint Commission.

“By combining Honeywell’s Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone with TigerText’s secure messaging platform, nurses become ‘connected clinicians’ to communicate more effectively with care teams from any location within the hospital using a single device,” said Kirk Heyde, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions Vice President.

TigerText co-founder and CEO, Brad Brooks said, “We’re excited to work with Honeywell to bring the rapidly expanding number of connected clinicians an innovative bot-driven solution for quickly accessing EMR data from a patient’s bedside.”

The Customized TigerText app for the Honeywell Dolphin CT50h Clinical smartphone is now available for download from the Google Play Store.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of