TigerText Now a Gold Member of the Verizon Partner Program

This week the collaboration has been announced, with TigerText being named as a Gold Member of the Verizon Partner Program. Inclusion in the program means the provision of services to Verizon customers will become more streamlined and efficient. This has direct benefits for users, giving them additional value. As a leading provider of secure, real-time messaging solutions for the enterprise, joining forces with Verizon was a natural step to take for TigerText.

Verizon customers adopting TigerText will also now only receive one monthly bill, with the service of both companies included. This ensures quick and efficient searching of collective charges via an online Verizon Account.

Verizon’s Vice President of Global Channels, Adam Famularo also pointed out, “Enabling a singular invoice provides a powerful customer benefit that can lead to additional sales and revenue opportunities.”

What is the Verizon Partner Program?

The Verizon Partner Program was developed as a convenient way of tailoring regional and national opportunities for value added resellers, systems integrators, solutions providers and agents, to speed up both the delivery and adoption of solutions that meet business requirements and industry regulations.

The provision of marketing resources, co-marketing materials, simple to use tools, and other valuable aids, helps to improve the integration of services. By meeting the needs of its partners, its customers are able to gain important benefits, as confirmed by TigerText Senior Vice President of Channel Sales, Mike Vitale, “Now that TigerText is available to Verizon customers, we’re able to provide our services more efficiently.”

According to Famularo, “Making it convenient for the end customer is always our goal, and our collaboration with TigerText enables enterprise customers to have a secure, flexible and fast experience.”

About TigerText Real-Time Secure Messaging Solutions

TigerText is now the leader in real-time secure messaging solutions for the enterprise. The service is accessed via a healthcare texting app, which allows users to securely transmit messages and attachments quickly and easily. The interface has been designed to look familiar to SMS users, and includes highly intuitive controls.

However in contrast to SMS messages, TigerText communications are transmitted secured, and include end to end encryption of messages and attachments. This allows healthcare providers to send Protected Health Information and other sensitive data securely, in accordance with HIPAA rules.

The service now includes message recall, group messaging, message lifespans and the option to send file and media attachments with messages, allowing high speed secure delivery of crucial medical information. As a result of the user-friendly interface, and message transmission speed, companies that have adopted TigerText have experienced high adoption rates, and have improved efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Four of the top five biggest for-profit health systems and 38% of Fortune 500 companies now use TigerText secure messaging, as do hundreds of healthcare providers and HIPAA-covered entities.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news