TigerText Forms Patient Safety Committee with Geisinger and George Washington University Hospital

A first of its kind Patient Safety Committee has been formed by TigerText to help health systems and hospitals that have adopted clinical communications and collaboration solutions develop protocols and identify best practices to create safer environments for patients.

TigerText is the most widely adopted clinical communication and collaboration solution in the U.S healthcare industry. More than 6,500 healthcare facilities have implemented the solution to improve communication and more than 10 million text messages are sent through the platform every day.

The platform helps physicians, nurses, and other care team members communicate effectively. The platform has been shown to help healthcare organizations reduce waste, increase productivity, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes.

TigerText decided to form the new committee as part of its quest to innovate and expand its clinical communication and collaboration tools to ensure that patient safety was always at the forefront of new solutions that are brought to market. The committee consists of executives from TigerText, the integrated health services organization Geisinger, and The George Washington University Hospital in downtown Washington, DC.

The committee is chaired by Dr. Jonathan Slotkin, Medical Director of Geisinger In Motion. The inaugural meeting took place in November and was hosted by Geisinger.

For Geisinger, secure text messaging is a key part of its mobile strategy, with the TigerText solution used by its care teams to communicate more efficiently.  Geisinger plans to take the opportunity to document patient safety protocols for key events, which can be adopted by other healthcare organizations to enhance patient safety.

“Addressing patient safety in regards to communication tools is a journey for the strong. However, it will provide us with a tremendous opportunity to share, learn and package best practices,” said Dr. Alistair Erskine, Chief Informatics Officer from Geisinger.

“We have been able to leverage TigerText group messaging to further foster care team collaboration and communication across the hospital,” said Marvin Onyemaechi, Director, Information Technology Operations at The George Washington University Hospital. “We are looking forward to partnering with other leaders on this committee as we continue to identify ways we can use this advanced technology to enhance our delivery of care.”

The best way to ensure patient safety is for everyone in the service continuum to partner with healthcare organizations to develop best practices together. The committee will meet every quarter to do just that.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news