TigerText for Apple Watch: Rated One of 8 Best Apple Watch Business Apps

TigerText for Apple Watch – a secure real-time encrypted messaging app – has been included among Top 8´s selection of best Apple Watch business apps.

The Apple Watch has been under development for some time, but this year saw the wearable device finally released to the general public. Now a few months have passed since its release, and attention is now focused not so much on the watch itself, but the apps that can be downloaded to add functionality to the Smart device.

App developers have worked furiously to develop new Smartwatch apps for the Apple Watch and numerous applications have now been released and added to the Apple App store. While the run up to the launch saw many personal apps developed, over the past few months a wide range of business apps have now been released. In fact, much of the innovation and creativity seen in the development of Apple Watch apps has come from developers of Smartwatch apps for business users.

The Apple Watch has proved popular with consumers due to the convenience of the device. It can be worn around the wrist, it offers a good range of functions, and it is practical to use. It doesn’t take up pocket space, can be easily checked and operated, and is incredibly useful in a number of situations when it is neither convenient nor practical to use a Smartphone or tablet.

In a business or healthcare environment the benefits are clear. Calls can be taken without having to use the hands to answer the call and the device does not need to be held to the ear to communicate. Managing emails – and responding quickly – is also easier than using a Smartphone.

Best 8 Apple Watch Business Apps

There is now an incredible range of business apps that can be downloaded to the watch. With so many new business apps now being released, users may be overwhelmed with the choice available; however not all of those apps are easy to use and reliable, and many have very limited functionality.

To make it easier to find the best Apple Watch business apps, Top 8 took the time to test some of the most popular Business Apple Watch apps. A number were tried and tested in order to produce the Top 8 list, with TigerText for Apple Watch making the cut.

Other business apps to make the list were the CommitTo3 goal tracking app, the Invoice2Go invoice creation and delivery app, Twitter, Evernote, Hipchat and Salesforce Analytics: A powerful business app for connecting business users with their customers.

TigerText for Apple Watch

TigerText for Apple Watch brings the popular enterprise secure text message app to the wearable device. The app has been designed with intuitive controls to make it effortless to use, and the speech-to-text dictation function means messages can be sent without even having to touch the watch. Furthermore, messages can be dictated and sent from any location, simply by speaking to the watch. Those functions are also possible without an iPhone being present.

TigerText for Apple Watch offers users the option to securely preview, read and send messages in real time, and since all communications are securely encrypted, the app is ideal for use in a healthcare environment. Protected Health Information can be sent without risking HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule violations, with privacy guaranteed by end to end encryption.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news