TigerText Certified as Secure by Box Assured Apps Program

TigerText, the leading provider of secure, encrypted, real-time messaging solutions, has been certified under the Box Assured Apps Program as providing all of the necessary protections to keep data secure. Only robust, secure mobile phone apps are awarded Box Assured App status under the Box Assured Apps program.

The Box Assured Apps Program

The box assured apps program was developed as a means of assessing mobile phone applications to determine whether they are enterprise-ready, and include all of the necessary security features to safeguard sensitive data. Under the program, apps are tested by an independent third-party security vendor to determine whether they meet a number of critical industry security standards.

TigerText SMS messaging platform offers users a secure means of communicating highly sensitive data, such as the Protected Health Information stored by healthcare providers, insurers and healthcare clearinghouses. Data is encrypted before being transmitted, and is subject to a number of security controls to ensure data is kept confidential and can only be viewed by the intended recipient.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Secure Messaging

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all covered entities must implement physical, technical and administrative controls to safeguard PHI. TigerText secure messaging fulfills the requirements laid down in the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, allowing healthcare providers to improve internal communications without risking exposing PHI.

SMS messages are insecure, and cannot be used to communicate patient data under HIPAA. The risk of data being intercepted is considerable. Only by encrypting the data sent via SMS can healthcare providers – and other HIPAA-covered entities – avoid violating HIPAA regulations.

Quick and Simple Transfer of Box-Stored Files

In addition to passing the Box Assured Apps Program assessment, TigerText has developed its secure messaging app to make it as easy as possible to securely transmit PHI and other information from Box. Any HIPAA-covered entity using Box to store files, photos and other healthcare data, can transmit files via secure SMS with just a couple of taps of the screen.

The data is encrypted before being transmitted, and security controls ensure that only the intended recipient is able to access messages and their attached documents. Messages can be easily recalled and remotely deleted, and time limits can be set on how long the text – and attached data – can be viewed.

Data can be transmitted to users’ Smartphones, laptops and desktops, and the system allows organizations to bring enterprise-class cloud storage into secure texting workflows.

TigerText Secure Mobile Communication Platform Adopted by 38% of Fortune 500 Companies

The app, which can be downloaded free of charge onto an Android or Apple device, allows SMS messages to be sent securely, while incorporating numerous functions to increase workflow, improve efficiency and productivity, while appealing to users who love the ease at which SMS messages can be sent.

TigerText was one of the first companies to offer secure texting solutions for individuals and corporations, and the ease of use and range of features has made it one of the most popular choices for sending secure text messages.

38% of all Fortune 500 companies use the app, with the system having been adopted by numerous HIPAA-covered entities. At the time of writing, the app has been downloaded by 4 million users, who have chosen the app over competitors for its ease of use and functionality. The functions now include an integrated company directory, user controlled message lifespans, group messaging options, secure file sharing and delivery and read notifications.

According to Missy Krasner, Box’s Managing Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences, “With Box, healthcare organizations have the ability to securely collaborate, manage and store sensitive documents and through our integration with TigerText, our customers can send Box files via their secure messaging app to maintain complete end-to-end HIPAA compliance.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news