TigerConnect HealthBot – A HIPAA-Compliant Chatbot for the Healthcare Industry

Making a hospital appointment, ordering prescription medications, or just getting an answer to an important question is not always a quick process. Patients have deal with congested phone lines or wait an age for a reply to an email. This causes a great deal of frustration for patients and involves a considerable amount of wasted time. All too often patients have to contend with 30 minute delays trying to make appointments or get answers to health questions.

The situation is also far from ideal for healthcare providers. Staff are required to man telephone lines, and physicians and other healthcare professionals already spend far too long on computers and telephones providing basic information. Their time could be put to much better use, which would ultimately benefit patients more.

Fortunately, there is now a solution to these communication issues that helps patients get the information they need much faster and takes a lot of the frustration out of making appointments. Healthcare organizations can also ensure their staff spends more time providing quality services to patients. The solution is TigerConnect HealthBot.

Introducing the TigerConnect HealthBot

Chatbots have been used throughout the private sector to provide important information to consumers via websites and mobile applications. Chatbots allow organizations to drive organizational efficiencies and reduce costs. Now healthcare organizations can also enjoy these benefits. The TigerConnect HealthBot is a new chatbot for healthcare organizations that can be used to automate a wide range of tasks that previously required the human touch.

The TigerConnect HealthBot allows healthcare organizations to automate many highly repetitive tasks, such as providing information on medications – side effects and drug interactions for example, issue reminders to patients to take medications or refill prescriptions, and provide answers to some of the many common questions asked by patients. It is also possible for patients to quickly and easily schedule appointments without the need to pick up the telephone. Patients can get instant answers to their questions, while healthcare providers can benefit from huge cost savings and accelerate healthcare delivery.

The HealthBot can be programmed with answers to a wide range of common questions. When those questions are entered into the HealthBot chat window an instant answer is provided. The service also allows patients to send photographs or videos to allow them to receive a virtual diagnosis of a medical issue. HealthBot can also determine if escalation is necessary, and can directed the patient to a nurse or physician, or tell them to visit the emergency room.

As with the TigerText secure messaging platform, all data entered into the TigerConnect HealthBot is encrypted to ensure patient privacy is never compromised. TigerConnect HealthBot stores and sends data securely, in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

TigerConnect HealthBot can be used by a wide range of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, drug companies, and health insurers. Pharmacies can use the HealthBot for prescription orders and tell patients when and where to collect their medications Health insurers can use the system to provide information on coverage and provide claims information and details of premiums.

The TigerConnect HealthBot can be incorporated into a wide range of applications, and is supplied with a suite of tools including API access for seamless integration into websites and applications.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news