TigerConnect Acquires Adjuvant’s Call Scheduler and launches TigerSchedule On-Call Physician Scheduler

TigerConnect has announced the acquisition of Adjuvant’s Call Scheduler solution, which has now been integrated into the TigerConnect care team collaboration solution and has also been made available as a standalone solution.

Call Scheduler is a rules-based automated physician scheduling software solution that is used by many hospitals, clinics, and health groups for managing physician schedules. Call Scheduler has an extensive customer base in the United States that includes medical clinics such as Cardiac Specialists and Baptist Neurology and care centers such as Huntsville Memorial Hospital and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

The acquisition has seen the solution rebranded as TigerSchedule™, which is now available to users of the TigerConnect clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform. TigerSchedule™ adds on-call physician scheduling capabilities to the TigerConnect CC&C platform. TigerSchedule™ allows users to automate on-call and work assignments, improve collaboration across complex healthcare teams and efficiency.

The benefits of TigerSchedule™ include:

  • Easy management of schedules from within the TigerConnect platform
  • Prevents healthcare providers from being over-assigned and ensures fairness in scheduling
  • Helps to prevent burnout by ensuring there is sufficient time between shifts
  • Notifications are intelligently routed to the on-call schedule when staff take sick days, time off, and for patient cancellations.
  • Providers are able to easily request the times and dates they want to work.
  • Makes shift swaps and changes simple and reduces the management workload.
  • A single view of all staff members enables faster team collaboration and better resource optimization.
  • Rules-based automation and integration with EHRs improves scheduling and workflows.

“Reaching the right care team member quickly and efficiently is essential to providing excellent patient care. When you add the pressures of COVID-19 to the already existing whirlwind of paper schedules and unexpected shift changes, the challenge for caregivers is overwhelming. It can even be the difference between life and death,” said TigerConnect co-founder and CEO Brad Brooks. “TigerConnect with TigerSchedule™ helps healthcare systems streamline care delivery, improve outcomes, and enhance the patient experience while boosting the bottom line. It’s particularly valuable to healthcare organizations today, as they seek to reduce costs and improve patient and care team satisfaction.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, Call Scheduler President Justin Wampach will join the TigerConnect team as Vice President, Scheduling Division, and all Call Scheduler employees will be joining the TigerConnect team.

“When Brad approached me and pitched the idea of being acquired, I admit we were flattered. I always felt our long-term strategy would involve us becoming a module within a broader product offering. We quickly realized that our offerings complemented each other well and it became obvious that joining forces would benefit our customers,” said Call Scheduler President, Justin Wampach.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news