Spotinst and RightScale Partnership Helps Customers Automate Use of EC2 Spot Instances

A new Rightscale and Spotinst partnership has been announced, which will see the Spotinst Elastigroup AWS spot instance management platform integrated into RightScale’s universal cloud management platform.

The partnership will allow RightScale customers to take advantage of the lower cost of spot instances to make further savings on their cloud bills.

Spotinst is the leading workload management platform provider for Amazon EC2 spot instances. EC2 spot instances are reserved computing capacity that is not required by businesses. Users can bid on this spare capacity and enjoy considerable cost savings. By taking advantage of spot instances, businesses can save between 80%-90% on the cost of running applications.

One of the risks associated with spot instances is they can be switched off with little warning, and it is this uncertainty that prevents businesses from taking advantage of the lower costs on offer. However, by using Spotinst Elastigroup, it is possible to use EC2 spot instances and still guarantee 100% availability.

Spotinst has developed predictive analytics and algorithms that forecast Spot markets through multiple clouds. Whenever there is a risk of an interruption, Elastigroup balances capacity ahead of time to ensure no downtime. By using the platform, businesses can take advantage of the lower cost of spot Instances when they are available, and fall back to on-demand resources when there is no spare capacity. More than 400 customers have already started using Elastigroup to save money on their cloud bills.

The partnership with RightScale will see the Spotinst Elastigroup platform sold to its customers, providing them with a further opportunity to lower their cloud costs.

To get the ball rolling and help its customers enjoy the cost savings available through EC2 spot instances, RightScale will be running a webinar on March 8.

During the webinar, RightScale will explain how spot instances work, the benefits of using them, and possible use cases. RightScale will also explain how the Spotinst platform has been integrated into its own cost management and how it can be accessed by its customers.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of