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SpamTitan is an advanced spam filtering solution developed by Galway, Ireland-based TitanHQ. Listed below are some of the recent SpamTitan reviews and awards received for the enterprise spam filtering solution. SpamTitan is available as an ISO solution that can be run on existing equipment or in a virtual environment, or as a cloud-based solution with multiple hosting options. The solution is also provided to MSPs and ISPs and other resellers in a full white label version.

SpamTitan Review Sees Gold Star Awarded for Functionality and Performance

In its recent review of SpamTitan, Spam Filter Reviews awarded the product a Gold Star and a rating of 4.9 out of 5 for functionality. A score of 4.9 was also given for real-time emulation.

The product was set up for real time emulation without the vendor’s knowledge by taking advantage of the free trial. The aim of the test was to determine how easy or difficult set up would be by any company wishing to get started with SpamTitan.

Set up was a quick and easy process, taking just 13 minutes from start to finish. Spam Filter Reviews explained, “13 minutes is extremely good considering the we had a previously MX record TTL of 5 minutes, so there is a reasonable likelihood that, if the domains TTL had previously been set to a lower TTL, the set up would have been even quicker.”

Set up was straightforward, with on screen instructions provided throughout the set-up process, while email instructions were sent immediately upon signup. The detailed instructions mitigated the risk of mis-configuration of the product.

The functionality of the product received high praise, scoring marks for 16 out of 18 functionality tests, and was only found to be lacking two functions: Sandboxing and content link rewriting. However, the positives of the product were found to be better than competitors in several areas, while the only real negative – the lack of content link rewriting – was made up for with excellent spam filtering performance.

As with other recent SpamTitan reviews, some of the key benefits singled out during the tests were the ease of configuration and maintenance, an excellent reporting suite, and the ease at which quarantined emails could be checked.

The adjustable spam scoring allows users to quickly and easily tweak the settings to make spam filtering more lenient or more aggressive. There is the option of using virus scanning, to deliver messages with tags attached, or to reject or quarantine messages. Viewing quarantined messages was quick and easy, with a level of detail offered that many solutions do not provide. In particular, the ability to see the full quarantined email body was praised, as was the ability to see the entire SMTP protocol header.

Since the control panel is in full HTML, it could be easily accessed on all devices, including mobiles and the console was easy to navigate. Reporting was first rate, with the ability to automatically generate reports on all quarantined emails since set up, emails that have been quarantined since the last scheduled report, and all emails still residing in the quarantine folder.

The reviewers said, “All in all, SpamTitan is a very stable, clean platform with many additional features which makes an admin’s life a lot easier to manage user expectations.” Concluding, “It is our comparative opinion that SpamTitan’s system is extremely under-rated as it’s clean, accurate and functionality full features certainly exceed and surpass some of the most well know Products on the market today.”

Spiceworks SpamTitan Reviews

SpamTitan is consistently rated with 4 or 5 stars by Spiceworks community users for the virtual machine and cloud versions of the product. The product has an average user rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Users that have switched to SpamTitan from other providers were attracted by the cost savings offered by the product, with many reviewers praising the solution for superior spam filtering capability, ease of set up and use, and excellent customer support. The product has also been praised for the very low false positive/false negative rates, easy to use interface, and the low resources required.

Current ratings are: 29 x 5-star SpamTitan reviews, 20 x 4-star SpamTitan reviews, 1 x three-star review, 2 x two-star reviews and one x 1-star review.


SpamTitan Ratings from Virus Bulletin

In 2016, SpamTitan Was named finalist in the SC Magazine Awards (Europe) and was also a finalist in the Red Herring Top 100 (Europe)Awards. SpamTitan has consistently scored highly for its high rate of spam capture and low false positive rate by Virus Bulletin, attracting more than 36 consecutive Spam+ Virus Bulletin awards. Virus Bulletin figures for SpamTitan (V6) Tests are as follows:

SC rate: 99.96%
FP rate: 0.01%
Final score: 99.88
Project Honey Pot SC rate: 99.92%
Abusix SC rate: 100.00%
Newsletters FP rate: 0.6%

Overall, the SpamTitan reviews see the product rated consistently highly across the board, in particular for spam capture rates, low false positives, functionality, ease of use, ease of set up, price, and exceptional customer service and is often rated as the best spam filter for business use

SpamTitan is Trusted by Virgin Media. Selfridges & Co, Toyota, the National Transportation Safety Board, QualitySmith, Thermocopy, NRC, iHouse Web Solutions, and many school districts, colleges, universities, hospitals, and businesses around the world.

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