SpamTitan Anti-Spam Solution Receives Glowing Review on Business Software Review Site

Cyberattacks are coming from all angles, although the main vector for attack is email. Research conducted by the security awareness and phishing simulation platform provider PhishMe suggests 91% of all cyberattacks starts with a phishing email. Phishing is also the primary method of distributing malware and ransomware.

The problem for businesses is they can implement advanced, layered cybersecurity defenses to protect the perimeter and block cyberattacks, but those defenses can be easily bypassed through email. Cybercriminals are well aware that employees are the weakest link in security and they are being targeted with sophisticated email campaigns. IT teams and cybercriminals know that all it takes is for a single employee to respond to one of those emails to see an email account compromised, network credentials divulged, or malware and ransomware to be installed.

Advanced spam defenses are essential for SMBs and enterprises. The solutions need to analyze all incoming emails, attachments and hyperlinks and accurately categorize the emails as potentially malicious or benign. Genuine emails must be delivered to ensure no disruption to business services, while malicious emails need to be quarantined.

In addition to checking for the common signatures of spam emails, advanced solutions incorporate many other techniques to identify spam. Bayesian analyses are conducted to analyze emails and calculate the probability of certain characteristics being included in genuine messages. The system learns from past spam detections and failures and improves over time. Greylisting involves sending a request back to the mailer of the message asking for the message to be resent. Since spam servers are busy sending huge volumes of emails, the delay in resending is a measure of whether the email is genuine.

These advanced features, present in SpamTitan anti-spam software, ensure a catch rate of more than 99.9% and a false positive rate of 0.03% or less. The effectiveness of the solution, combined with the speed, usability, and ease of deployment have made it a popular choice with SMBs and enterprises.

Confirmation of the popularity and effectiveness of the solution has come from the business software review site Capterra, which recently awarded the solution 4.5/5 marks. The solution also received top marks for customer service and technical support.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of