Skeddly Adds New Email, HipChat, and Slack Notification Options

The cloud automation tool developed by Skeddly allows users to automatically start, stop, launch, terminate and reboot EC2 instances and schedule snapshots and AMI images, manage workspaces S3 objects, and change volumes on AWS and much more. The platform allows a wide range of AWS tasks to be scheduled to automate DevOps processes, improve efficiency and reduce AWS waste.

The benefits of automation are clear, but as with manual tasks, sometimes things don’t go exactly according to plan. When automated actions execute, it is important to receive notifications when those actions have been successful, but more importantly, notifications are needed when actions fail. For example, a failed backup could be critical. Prompt notification will ensure corrective action can be taken rapidly.

Up until now, Skeddly incorporated three ways of receiving notifications. Notifications could be automatically sent to the account holder’s primary email address, notifications could be sent via Twitter, or via Amazon SNS.

Today, Skeddily has announced it can now offer its customers three more ways of receiving notifications. Users can now direct the notifications to an alternate email address – one that was not used to set up the Skeddly account. An email alias for instance.

Alternatively, notifications ccan now be sent to HipChat – The Atlassian collaboration tool – and Slack. In HipChat, rooms can be created through which team members can communicate with each other. Slack channels can be created for the same purpose.

By sending notifications to a HipChat room or Slack channel, all members of the team will receive notifications of successful and unsuccessful actions and in the case of the latter, can take ownership of the problem and timely corrective action. These additional notification choices can be set at no additional cost.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of