SecurityIQ Platform Updated to Allow Users to Upload Custom Training Modules

The Infosec Institute has updated its SecurityIQ training platform to allow users to incorporate their own training modules to the AwareEd library. The InfoSec Institute says this is the first security awareness training program in the industry to allow users to create and upload their own training programs and deliver custom modules to their employees via the same system.

The SecuityIQ platform already includes a comprehensive range of security training modules that companies can use to help develop a security culture in their organization. The platform includes training to help reduce the risk of phishing and business email compromise scams and raise awareness of the risks from malware and ransomware. Training modules also cover security basics such as how to create strong passwords (and why it is so important) and how to use mobile devices securely.

The Infosec Institute appreciates that companies also have their own training modules, typically covering internal policies, onboarding, health and safety and the use of company systems. It therefore makes sense for these training programs to be made accessible through the same system.

Now the update has been applied, administrators can upload any training module created in Adobe Captivate 9 or newer to the AwareEd library. Adobe Captivate can be also used to convert PowerPoint training programs into a compatible format to allow them also to be uploaded.

After being uploaded, the new modules are checked by SecurityIQ before being made available. As with all training modules on the platform, administrators can monitor learner progress and generate reports.

The new feature turns the AwareEd platform into a comprehensive learning management tool allowing all employee training modules to be run on the same system, simplifying the provision of training to employees and enhancing reporting. AwareEd users can upload training modules to the library at no additional cost.

The platform allows organizations to move away from time-consuming, productivity-draining classroom-based training to a more flexible training program that fits in better with employees’ schedules. The AwareEd platform can be accessed by employees from any location, at any time.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of