TigerText Launches Secure Messaging Platform for iPad

Secure Messaging Platform for iPad Now Available

Physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers love the convenience, speed and functionality of the TigerText healthcare messaging system; however, healthcare workers are not only using a mobile phone nowadays. They use tablets as well, and soon many will be purchasing the new Apple Watch when it is launched later this year.

To ensure these devices can be used without risking a HIPAA penalty for a privacy violation, TigerText has been developing its secure messaging platform to work on multiple devices, and has now announced that the TigerText secure messaging platform for iPad is now available. The new release also includes a host of improvements to make the app even more user-friendly and practical.

Secure Messaging Platform for iPad is Even Easier to Use Than Text Message App

The new secure messaging platform for iPad offers all of the benefits healthcare professionals are familiar with from the Smartphone version; however, there is one very important benefit from that comes not so much from the healthcare messaging app, but the larger screen size of the iPad. This makes it much easier to view information and communicate with co-workers.

It is easier to view conversations, messages, and especially images. Presentations can be viewed and reviewed, patient charts and diagnostic images checked with ease, and it is more practical to view multiple text conversations. The new Secure Messaging Platform for iPad is “bigger and better” according to TigerText, and also includes some important updates to improve functionality.

Double Pane Viewing Displays the Information You Need

Viewing past conversations, in particular group messages, is much easier on the larger screen of the iPad. The double pane viewing makes it easier to read messages without having to scroll excessively, jumping between message threats is faster, and it is easier to start new conversations.

TigerText Secure Messaging Platform for iPad

Apple Document Picker Makes File Sharing Simple

Speed is of the essence in a busy healthcare setting, therefore sharing files and essential data needs to be a quick and easy process. By using the Apple document picker, files stored on common storage platforms such as Dropbox, OneCloud, Box, and Apple’s iCloud can be quickly viewed, selected, attached and sent with a message.

TigerText secure messaging solution for iPads

Fast Communication with Co-workers Using the Organization Selector

Communicating with care team members and co-workers in different organizations need not be problematic. A drop-down menu allows organizations to be selected with ease, ensuring information can be sent securely with minimal effort.

iPad secure messaging platform by TigerText

However, there is no time for rest. The company is working hard on developing its products and expanding the range of supported devices. According to the Product Development Team, “We’re continuously looking for ways to make it easier for TigerTexters to work more efficiently and securely, and we look forward to expanding on these efforts in the New Year.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news