Role-based Scheduling Automation and New Alexa Integration Launched by TigerText

TigerText has announced the launch of role-based scheduling automation ahead of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference.

This powerful new feature dynamically populates role assignments and user profiles in a highly intuitive way and ensures that messages are directed to the right person, at the right time, in a fully automated way without having to know the name of the person in a particular role.

“Healthcare workflow is incredibly complex due to the shift-based nature of the workforce. By automating shift assignments and merging the functionality with TigerText, we help solve a fundamental challenge among healthcare staff of being able to reach the right person at the right time without actually knowing the person’s name,” said Brad Brooks, co-founder, and CEO of TigerText. “As we’ve shown with our integration to the (Amazon) Echo via our TigerConnect API, Roles opens up a world of possibilities for applying the functionality and aligns with our mission to dramatically improve workflow efficiency in healthcare.”

The TigerText application draws data from popular scheduling systems such as Amion to ensure that staff occupying a role are always accurately reflected in the TigerText application, even when shifts are changing. Since individuals can be assigned roles, messages will automatically be sent to the correct person without having to check a whiteboard, spreadsheet, or printout to see who is currently working. If a message needs to be sent to the on-call cardiologist, it is not necessary to know the person’s name to send the message.

A user-friendly interface presents information clearly and users can see current and future role owners. Individuals occupying a particular role are sent push notifications when shift changes occur and they can manually opt in and out of a role. When a role is taken on by a new staff member, the conversations of the previous role owner are automatically passed on, ensuring a new role owner has all the information they need to make accurate, informed decisions about patients. The new feature allows healthcare organizations to make smoother patient handoffs and patient safety is improved by ensuring messages are always directed to the right person. The IT department can also set controls to prevent users from swapping shifts and changing schedules. The new feature was developed through close coordination with users and was refined through interviews with clients, market research, and extensive user testing.

TigerText has also announced it has formed a new strategic partnership with Avia, which has developed a voice-activated platform for use at patient bedsides through Amazon Echo devices. Patients can speak to their bedside Amazon Echo device and send messages to the nurse station. Through the platform, patients can explain why they need help, which saves nurses time. The integration with TigerText and use of intelligent routing ensures that rather than requests simply being sent to the nurse station, the messages are routed to the correct role owner. This prevents unnecessary disruptions, saves nurses time, and expedites the fulfillment of patient requests.

The system can also be used by clinical staff to request vital signs, language translations, an MRI’s, knowing that the information will be populated instantly in the smartphone app.

TigerText will be showcasing the new roles feature and TigerText for Alexa at HIMSS17, which is taking place in Orlando, Florida, February 19–23, 2017.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of