RightScale Announces General Availability of its Optima Cloud Cost Management and Optimization Solution

RightScale Optima, the collaborative cloud cost management and optimization platform for enterprises, has now been released and is generally available. The solution allows enterprises to manage their cloud spend in a deeper and more predictive way than was previously possible.

The new collaborative cost management and optimization solution incorporates existing analysis, reporting, and forecasting functionality for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix/SoftLayer, and other private clouds with new features that allow deeper analysis of cloud spending, providing even more ways to eliminate waste.

Unfortunately, optimizing and managing the cloud is not a one-time action. Enterprises can analyze their cloud usage and identify potential savings, but continued analysis and management is necessary to ensure the best possible ROI on cloud investment.

To achieve the greatest cost savings, all stakeholders must collaborate, communicate and work together. RightScale Optima has been developed to improve collaboration and communication between all resource owners throughout an enterprise. By working together, costs can be significantly reduced, and the money can be channeled into innovation and activities that increase bottom lines.

As RightScale’s State of the Cloud Report showed, the main priority for enterprises are optimizing cloud usage and eliminating wasted spending. While many enterprises are now taking steps to reduce unnecessary spending, few companies are taking all of the necessary actions to fully optimize their cloud resources.

Many companies still leave resources running when they are not required, fail to rightsize all cloud instances, or select the regions with the lowest prices.  By adopting RightScale Optima, enterprises can ensure all opportunities for cost saving are identified, allowing further savings to be made on cloud spending.

The main benefits of RightScale Optima are:

The ability to achieve a quick ROI across multiple clouds and cloud accounts used by all teams within an enterprise.

Cost saving opportunities are delivered automatically to all resource owners within an enterprise, with resource owners able to tag resources to ensure they do not appear on future alerts – a source of frustration with many cost management solutions.

The opportunity to use ongoing policy-based automation. Actions can be taken on cost saving recommendations automatically ensuring important cost saving opportunities are never missed.

The solution helps customers budget more effectively and predict future cloud usage, with alerts generated to avoid cost overruns.

The solution works with multiple cloud providers, evaluating different clouds, instance types, and purchase options to help enterprises get the best possible deals.

All usage and cost data are presented in a single dashboard, with data displayed by account, team, and application to allow users to better understand cloud usage.

“Despite an increased focus on cloud cost management, only a minority of companies are taking critical actions to optimize cloud costs, such as shutting down unused workloads or selecting lower-cost clouds or regions. We believe RightScale Optima is a major step forward for large enterprises looking to manage cloud spend,” said Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news