Proofpoint Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection is an enterprise-grade email security solution that can be used to carefully control inbound and outbound email and block unsolicited emails and threats such as phishing, email impersonation, malware, and ransomware.

Email is the number one threat vector used to steal credentials, defraud businesses, and distribute malware. More than 90% of cyberattacks on businesses start with an email. The sophisticated nature of today’s cyber threats requires an advanced email security solution to ensure malicious messages do not reach end users’ inboxes.

Features of Proofpoint Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection offers multi-layered threat protection to block current and emerging threats. Signature-based detection methods are used to identify known malware and ransomware threats and a reputation analysis is performed to assess local and global IP addresses for trustworthiness. Administrators can set spam tolerance thresholds and implement custom rules at the organization, group, or user level.

Messages confirmed as genuine are delivered, confirmed threats are blocked, and emails that fall into the gray area in between are classified and sent to a quarantine folder for analysis by administrators. Administrators can delegate the responsibility of checking graymail to end users, who can be given access to their graymail folder. They can then make the decision about whether to accept or reject the graymail messages without having to involve IT support.

When users reclassify emails, data is sent back to Proofpoint and is used to improve the accuracy of bulk mail classification across its global user base.

Non-Malware Threat Protection

Phishing and email impersonation attacks are conducted to steal credentials and other sensitive corporate data. Proofpoint Email Protection protects against these non-malware threats through its machine-learning Stateful Composite Scoring Service (SCSS). SCSS establishes a baseline against which all inbound emails are assessed. SCSS identifies standard email flow and messages that deviate from the norm are classified and quarantined, with the system learning from mistakes to improve over time. SCSS allows administrators to identify changes in attack tactics and protect against emerging email threats.

Administration of Email Security

Proofpoint Email Protection is suitable for businesses of all sizes and scales to hundreds of thousands of users. The solution is customizable and provides highly granular control over inbound and outbound email, with administrators able to set custom security rules that support the needs of their organization.

Administrators benefit from a powerful search feature that allows hard-to-find data to be quickly found in logs. Logs can be searched using dozens of search criteria, allowing data to be found in seconds rather than minutes. Data can be searched, viewed, downloaded, or exported to proactively respond to threats and address issues as soon as they emerge. The solution includes more than 60 real-time email security and usage report to provide total visibility into inbound and outbound email.

The standard email security solution provides basic data loss protection and email encryption features, although larger enterprises may wish to augment these features with more advanced solutions such as Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection, Email Encryption, or Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) offerings. These optional extras integrate into the management console to provide a single pane of glass view of email security and allow customers to tightly control sensitive data sent via email and protect against data leaks.

Proofpoint Email Protection is available with a range of deployment options. Businesses looking for an on-premises email security solution can deploy Proofpoint Email Protection on a dedicated appliance or as a virtual appliance on existing hardware. The solution can alternatively be deployed in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Proofpoint offers an SLA for its cloud-based deployment that guarantees 99.999% uptime, 100% protection from malware, a 99% spam block rate, and under 1-minute of latency.