PhishLine Partners with Master Concept Cloud Security Services

PhishLine is a leading security awareness training provider. Its training platform is used by hundreds of companies to train their employees how to recognize phishing and social engineering attacks and take the appropriate action to prevent data theft and network compromises.

The training platform includes thousands of resources that can be used to raise awareness of key security threats and teach best practices to reduce risk. The platform has been adopted by many Fortune 100 and Global 2000 companies.

To improve its reach in Asian markets, PhishLine has partnered with Hong Kong-based firm Master Concept. Master Concept is a leading cloud security services distributor, with a strong customer-base in east Asia. The award-winning company was formed in 2003 and helps organizations improve efficiency with cloud computing.

The increase in phishing and social engineering attacks on Asian firms has highlighted the need for security awareness training. Companies can implement technology to block attacks, although email-based threats are still delivered to inboxes. It is therefore essential for employees to be trained how to recognize malicious emails and respond appropriately. Many Asian firms are now looking to service providers to provide training platforms.

Master Concept says Asian firms look for a modern, results driven approach and require definitive metrics. They want to see that their investment in training is paying off. PhishLine not only provides a training platform, but the effectiveness of training is measured using its phishing simulation platform. Companies can clearly see how training is improving their resilience to cyberattacks.

Asian financial regulators have recently issued security awareness guidance and are trying to improve resilience to cyberattacks and drive organizational change. PhishLine’s training program and use of real-world phishing and social engineering attack scenarios via its simulation platform will help organizations meet the demands of regulators.

PhishLine President & CEO Mark Chapman said, “Our partnership with Master Concept represents a great opportunity to serve clients in Asia who are seeking to achieve a new level of visibility and metrics around security awareness.”

“With Security Awareness now being a standard part of Enterprise Security Programs, working with PhishLine allows Master Concept to enhance our delivery of market leadership to our customers in this growing space,” said Master Concept CEO Derek Chan.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of